4 Reasons to Settle on a Winter Wedding


Your wedding season is a really important choice, especially since it will influence so many of your wedding decisions – starting with the venue and ending with the smallest details, such as the color of the napkins you place on the table.

Of course, most couples settle on spring and summer weddings for reasons that are perfectly fine – such as the high likelihood of good weather, for example.

Why would you settle on a winter wedding in Virginia?

We have some tips for you – so read on to find out more.

  • Winter weddings are usually less expensive. If you’re worried about your finances and if you want to maximize your savings as much as possible, you will want to avoid the main wedding season (spring and summer). Since wedding vendors and venues are more available during wintertime, it is more likely that you will be able to negotiate better prices with them.
  • Winter weddings are cozy and welcoming. You can always set a really nice, comforting atmosphere for your winter wedding! Take inspiration from Thanksgiving and Christmas for your wedding menu, add a bit of glitter inspired by New Year’s Eve, and create the kind of atmosphere people will absolutely love. Nothing beats nice discussions over hot chocolate or mulled wine!
  • Winter weddings are more exciting for guests. Your wedding guests haven’t been to a wedding in months by this time, so they will be naturally more inclined to be excited about your Big Day. Consequently, they will be in a better party mood, and there’s a bigger chance that they will have genuine fun celebrating your love story.
  • Remember the money you saved by choosing a winter wedding? Well, imagine you could use that for a tropical honeymoon in the middle of winter. Snowy weather and magical pictures in a picturesque white landscape are amazing – but jumping from that to an exotic island, with a coconut cocktail in your hand, well, that’s an experience you will never forget. And imagine just what a gorgeous tan you will bring back home in Virginia!


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Winter Wedding Gowns That Will Keep You Warm

Your winter wedding deserves to be absolutely fantastic! You and your love story deserve to have a Big Day torn out of a winter wonderland – and your dress will obviously play a huge role in this.

What are some of the most fabulous winter wedding gowns that will keep you warm and make you feel like the elegant Queen of the Big Day you are? Read on to inspire yourself.

  • Settle for heavier fabrics. For instance, you could wear a dress made mostly from taffeta (e.g. the bottom half) and veil that’s embroidered with tri-dimensional details. This kind of design looks fantastic with long sleeves and off-the-shoulder necklines, so you can definitely settle for it if you want to be a winter bride that’s both classy and
  • Wear pants. Not only is this totally acceptable these days, but it is actually a huge trend! A pair of luxurious white pants and an ultra-feminine top will make you feel so unique, so comfortable, and so elegant at the same time! This attire is bound to wow your wedding guests!
  • Steal inspiration from the Roaring Twenties. What could be more fabulous, more glamorous, and more opulent than the magnificent 20s? A long mermaid-cut dress that embraces your womanly curves, embellished with stunning beadwork and golden or silver details will make you look absolutely breath-taking! And if you add a bare back into the mix, you are definitely going to steal your guests’ hearts in the blink of an eye!


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5 Cakes to End Your Winter Wedding with a Bang

Your love story is so sweet that it can naturally warm up any kind of space – so it is only normal that you want your wedding cake to be just as fantastic, sweet and unforgettable as your love story is. What are some of the very best winter wedding cake ideas to help you end your wedding with a bang? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Buttercream and winter fruit. Imagine a stunning white cake covered in delicious buttercream frosting and decorated with grapes, figs, and other wintertime fruit. Oh, how amazing it will look, and how memorable it will taste!
  • Blueberry blue cake. Want to add a pop of color to your winter wedding? Ask your pastry chef to create a tasty blueberry and chocolate cake, then cover it in blue fondant. Your guests will love the idea!
  • Buttercream and fresh flowers. As you may very well know it, fresh flowers have been a huge trend in the wedding cake design world. Adorn your buttercream tiered cake with a wreath made out of winter flowers. It will perfectly complement your winter wedding!
  • Wood-patterned frosting. Tying the knot on the mountainside? What could be more suitable for such a wedding, other than a cake covered in a washed-out wood pattern? Downright artistic and definitely unique, this cake will steal your heart away.
  • NYE-themed cake. Take your favorite cake flavors and cover them in a fondant painted to depict the beauty, glitz, and playfulness of a New Year’s Eve party. If you plan on getting married on the night between the years, this will be a really amazing option!

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Photo source: flickr.com/ Rubber Slippers In Italy

The Cool Themed Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be classy, elegant and absolutely unforgettable – and if you have your heart set on a chilly weather event, you will definitely love the following ideas. Read on and inspire yourself!


  • Choose a very toned down palette. Don’t go over the top with the brightness of the colors, but don’t settle for anything dull either. Find the perfect balance between the two. Also, make sure your designs and your motifs are modern and fresh – they will look splendid on a toned down color scheme!
  • Place trays of cookies. Make it feel cozy and welcoming by serving guests with trays filled with pretty cookies. We all love to indulge in sweet treats, and when they look cute, they are really irresistible!
  • Use luxurious textures. Silk, fur, and other luxurious textures and fabrics tend to be associated with the chilly season –precisely because they can offer a truly cozy feeling.
  • Layer multiple textures and colors. Just because the season outside is colder, it doesn’t mean you are confined to boring green-and-red or all-white palettes. Pick a couple of colors and play with them! Layer multiple textures and different shades of those colors to create a genuinely stylish effect.
  • Self-serving cocktail bars. Planning to serve a signature cocktail? Make your guests feel at home by serving them your signature cocktail from a self-serving bar. This is absolutely perfect for just about any type of wedding, but it tends to work best with a more casual atmosphere!

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Photo source: flickr.com/ Corey Ann