Want to Look Really Unique on Your Big Day? Consider Overlays

All brides want to shine as they walk down the aisle – and given the uniqueness and importance of this moment in their lives, it is perfectly understandable why they want to let their personality and love stories speak through their dresses and accessories.

Why would you choose an overlay for your Big Day? Well, they are extremely trendy right now and they look absolutely breathtaking in a variety of situations. Basically, you can wear one regardless of what type of bride you want to be. For example, here are some of the very best ideas in this bridal fashion niche:

  • Off the shoulder. You know how popular off the shoulder gowns have been in the past couple of years – so why not bring this trend into your look as well? An off the shoulder overlay buttoned in the back will look really cute and feminine – and it will instantly make a simple dress pop with beauty and elegance.
  • Precious shades. Want to add a dash of glamor and luxury to your wedding look? Choose a simple dress and wear it with a see-through overlay decorated with silvery or golden touches. We guarantee guests will absolutely love your look!
  • Color and style. Are you considering skipping the all-white look on the Big Day? Wear a white dress and a colored lace overlay. Black and red look absolutely breathtaking in this combination, but any other color will do, especially if you want to coordinate it with your wedding theme and color scheme!

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Artistic Wedding Ideas You’ll Want to Copy Right Away

There’s nothing more special than your wedding – and, as the bride and groom, you surely want to make sure your personality is really well-reflected in this unique life event. To help you create a truly original wedding décor, we have gathered some of the prettiest artistic wedding ideas you’ll definitely want to copy right away – so read on if you need just a bit of inspiration.

  • Colorful hair. Have you seen all those gorgeous Instagram hair trends featuring rainbow, unicorn, mermaid, and galaxy hair? We bet you love them – so why wouldn’t you include it in your wedding too? If you want to make sure you don’t overdo it, you can always opt for just a few strands of colorful hair – it will definitely look amazing!
  • Unique ceremony backdrops. We all love those opulent floral ceremony backdrops – but the truth is that they might be too expensive for many couples. If you want to achieve the same wow effect, create your ceremony backdrop out of oversized paper flowers – they are incredibly pretty, they are much less expensive than the real flowers, and they are more environmentally-friendly too (especially if you make them with recycled paper).
  • Colorful smoke bombs. Want your wedding pictures to look absolutely awe-inspiring? Hire a professional photographer and add colorful smoke bombs into the mix – it is the perfect recipe for wedding pictures that will look breathtaking!
  • Hanging flower arrangements. Tired of the good, old-fashioned flower bouquets in vases as centerpieces? Decorate your reception with hanging floral chandeliers – it will make even the dullest space pop with joy, beauty, and grace!

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Photo source: flickr.com/ vanessahayes13

Beautiful Pressed Flower Wedding Details

All brides want their wedding to be fabulous – and you make no exception. Yet, what are the trends dominating the wedding industry of 2017, and how to incorporate them in your Big Day? We have some tips for you – so read on if you are searching for some wedding inspiration.


  • Bold colors. Wooden tones may have been great for a while there – but the truth is that they’re slowly starting to fade out and make room for dashing options. Settle on a bold color scheme for your 2017 and you will be aligned with the trends out there.
  • Moving images. Thinking to add a photo or two at your wedding? Why not alternate film projections and beautiful lighting? This is a much more modern way of entertaining your guests when they’re not on the dance floor – plus, nothing beats the realness and uniqueness of a recording that’s all about you and your love story.
  • Lots and lots of greenery. Sure, blooms are not completely forgotten – but if you want to make a statement in 2017, you will have to plan some greenery arrangements. They are so fresh and beautiful that it’s guaranteed your guests will love it! This is a much warmer and human-centric way of celebrating your Big Day, as opposed to minimalist designs.
  • Elegant venues. Want to plan a wedding nobody will ever forget? Think of a classy, elegant venue for this special event. Remember though, elegant does not have to automatically mean “ballroom” – it can be something smaller, more intimate and equally classy!

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Photo source: flickr.com/ amusedparrot


7 Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Bar

As 2016 is slowly fading out, making room for an exciting new year, we’re all looking forward to the new wave of wedding trends about to take over the bridal scene. As always, wedding bars make no exception from the rule – and considering signature drinks are quite “out”, we are all expecting to see more and more creative ideas centered around the drinks served at a wedding.

What are some of the best and most creative ideas for your wedding bar? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find your inspiration.


  1. Beer tap. Planning a wedding with rustic influences? Why not plan a rustic beer tap and serve delicious craft beers? To make this more personal, you could serve craft beers from the areas you come from or from places that are meaningful for your relationship!
  2. Punch bowl. Want to create a perfectly comfy feeling at your wedding? Invite guests to help themselves from punch bowls! Nothing says “family party” more than a delicious bowl filled with homemade punch!
  3. Vintage bathtub. If you are planning a vintage-inspired wedding, this idea is absolutely perfect! Just take a vintage bathtub, fill it with ice and drinks and allow your guests to refresh themselves. Such a simple, but chic idea!
  4. Apple cider jugs. With fall here, apple cider is back in full force – and weddings are definitely taken aback by its deliciousness too. Serve your apple ciders from large jugs to add a natural, rustic touch to the entire wedding!
  5. A Roaring Twenties-inspired bar. Planning a glamorously vintage wedding? Why not rent a bar inspired by the Great Gatsby Era? It will definitely attract everyone’s attention with its luxuriousness and style!
  6. Camper bar. Perfect for a 60s or boho-chic wedding, a camper bar will add a fun touch to the Big Day, making it more special in the eyes of your guests. Be sure to stock up your camper bar with all sorts of fun alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks!
  7. Cupboard bar. For a house party-like feeling, take an old cupboard and fill it with delicious drinks. Large punch jars, craft beers, tasty wines – they can all fit into a nice-looking cupboard, regardless of whether you are planning an outdoor wedding or an indoor one.

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Photo source: flickr.com/ Farther Along