Choose Bridesmaids’ Dresses with Ease

Your bridesmaids are true gemstones, especially with all the support they’ve offered throughout the wedding planning process! Therefore, you surely want them to feel just as precious as they are when they walk down the aisle to announce your own big entrance.

How do you choose bridesmaids’ dresses with ease and avoid all conflicts? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • You cannot have your bridesmaids dressed in ultra-tiny clubbing dresses when you want to have a classy, elegant wedding. Likewise, satin wedding gowns may not be a very good choice for a casual wedding either. Think of your wedding style before drawing the lines for your bridesmaids’ dresses style!
  • In general, bridesmaids’ dresses are matched with the wedding colors. However, this does not have to be a tone-on-tone kind of matching. You can get more creative and allow your bridesmaids to wear different shades of the same color gamma. This is actually ideal not only because it will look special in the pictures, but also because it will allow each bridesmaid to wear a dress color that flatters her skin tone.
  • In terms of bridesmaids’ dresses design, you should be as permissive as possible. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and chances are your bridesmaids do not all look the same. Therefore, you might want to settle a very precise feature that connects all dresses (e.g. the neckline, the length, or the fabric of the dress) – and then allow your super-ladies to wear whatever cut and design suits them best.

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Things Most Brides Will Forget to Do on Their Wedding Day

We all know your wedding day will be a real rollercoaster of emotions – so everyone understands if you forget about a minor thing or two. Yet, there are things you should absolutely not forget to do – precisely because they are crucial for the success of your Big Day and for the way you feel.

What are the things a lot of brides will forget to do on their wedding day? We have some tips for you – so continue reading to find out more about this.

  • This may seem very, very basic – but the truth is that with so much nervousness and such a long list of things to do, many brides forget (or simply avoid) to eat. Do have a bite or two, though – you have a very demanding day ahead of you and it is of the utmost importance that you get your nutrition. A good, healthy and delicious breakfast will set you in a good mood for the day and ensure you have plenty of energy for the million-and-one amazing things you’ll experience today.
  • Bring your marriage license. You may think this is just a sheet of paper – but without it, the wedding itself cannot actually happen. Make sure your Maid of Honor will remind you of this, so that your marriage is fully legal at the end of the day.
  • Prepare tips for the wedding vendors. They’ve put a lot of work into making your dream wedding happen and they deserve their tips – so make sure to set aside the envelopes for them. Your Best Man should be the one handing in the tips – but it is still very important for you not to forget about them either.

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Grooms! Here’s What You Need to Know About Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be quite confusing – and not just for the bride, who is traditionally in charge with most of the wedding-related details. What are some of the essential things grooms should keep in mind about the Big Day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Choose your groomsmen – and do it very carefully. Not only is this a sensitive topic, but it is also very important to remember that these people will be there by your side when you make one of the biggest steps of your entire life. Plus, they’ll be in all of the important pictures too – so, yes, it’s essential to decide on the right people.
  • Help the bride keep the guest list under control. Of course, both you and your SO have special people you really want to invite at your wedding – but when it comes to all those people your parents want to invite at your wedding, it is time to step in and tell them you cannot do this.
  • Take care of the open bar. This is one of the centerpieces of the entire wedding day, so it is very important to properly stock it and ensure everyone has something to drink.
  • Take care of your own look. Of course, you want to look handsome on your wedding day. Aside from the tuxedo and the accessories you want to wear with it, remember not to hold anything in your pockets. We know you’re used to carrying money, smartphones, and keys to everything in your life in your pockets – but your wedding day is not the moment to do this.

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Useful Tips a Bride Will Want to Use to Plan Her Wedding

If you are like most brides-to-be, you want your perfect wedding – but you also know there’s a lot of stress and hard-work involved in planning such a huge, unique event. How to do it? Here are some of the best wedding planning tips to remember:


  • You need a plan. Going to battle without a plan can be downright destructive – so make sure you create a plan you can actually follow through. See where you want to be every month of the planning process and always ensure you are up-to-date with what you originally strategized.
  • You need a budget. Money matters can be stingy – but they are something that really needs to be discussed. Talk to your fiancé and see how much money you have, who pays for the wedding elements, and how you can make it happen according to your budget.
  • Do NOT do everything on your own. It might be tempting to try and do everything on your own to make sure it’s exactly as you want it – but there are a lot of tasks that can be easily delegated to trustworthy people in your entourage. Do that! It will help you ease off the stress and it will make your friends and family feel useful.
  • Don’t forget to relax. Yes, wedding planning can take a lot of your spare time – but that doesn’t mean you have to be absolutely hectic until you reach your wedding date. Take some time off, every now and again, and simply relax. It can make you feel so much better!


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