You Should Definitely Consider a Backless Wedding Gown

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a huge task for a bride who wants to look perfect on her wedding day (and what bride doesn’t, after all?). Of course, you will first have to think of the types of dresses you are considering – and a backless wedding gown design should definitely be among your options.

Why – and what are some of the most beautiful dresses that fall into this category? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • A racerback backless wedding gown is perfect for the bride who wants to wow (and shock) her wedding guests. Almost too revealing but tasteful and classy at the same time, this design will make a huge fashion statement and it will definitely attract everyone’s eyes on you.
  • A keyhole backless wedding dress. Want to reveal just a bit of skin and maintain your dress’ sweet kind of femininity? A keyhole backless wedding dress “peeps” in, but doesn’t show off too much, making it perfect for brides who are at the confluence between modern and traditional wedding rules.
  • A lace backless wedding dress. Allowing your skin to show through the back of your wedding dress is a bold move in itself, especially if you’re not used with this type of evening dresses. A lace or embroidered dress will embrace your back’s nudity and make you feel really feminine and gracious as you walk down the aisle. Superb choice for just about any bride!


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Be The Most Stunning Bride In One of These Fall Bridal Trends

Every woman dreams of being a dashing bride – the kind of lady who simply illuminates the wedding ceremony aisle and radiates beauty and self-confidence every step of the way. The great news? All brides are like that – and the key ingredient is far simpler than many believe: happiness.

However, you will still want to put the extra-effort and feel really beautiful on your wedding day – and your wedding gown is absolutely crucial when it comes to this. What are some of the loveliest wedding dress trends for the Fall of 2017? We have gathered them right here – read on for some inspiration.

  • It makes sense to wear a jacket during Fall, doesn’t it? Well, this year’s trends are more than generous in this chapter. Leather jackets, lace jackets, long jackets, short jackets – there’s something for everyone, regardless of how traditional, elegant, or casual you want to be.
  • Short and mid-length. Tired of floor-sweeping gowns? They do have their beauty, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and be a bit more comfortable, a mini or mid-length gown is really what you need. They are so pretty and feminine these days that you will never regret not having worn a very long gown!
  • Nude shades. Pink and nudes have always been elegant and feminine – but this season, they’re more than welcomed on bridal runways too. Lovely and sweet, unique and full of personality, these dresses are perfect for a bride who wants to make a real fashion statement as she walks down the aisle.


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What Are the Top Wedding Dress Trends?

Wedding dress trends are not to be followed blindly – but they can surely add a lot to your collection of wedding ideas. Of course, this year’s trends are already out – and we’re all excited to see what designers have in store for us.

Want to know more about the best wedding dress trends of 2017? We have gathered some tips right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Capes are very much popular these days – and not without reason. Not only are they ultra-practical for chilly spring and fall wedding days, but they can also add a touch of femininity, mister, and timelessness to your wedding look. Sheer or made with faux fur, long or short, capes are all the rage right now. Accessorize your dress with one and you will look fantastic!
  • High-neck wedding gowns are back in fashion – and no, it’s not the Victorian Ages all over again. Feminine, delicate, and more than elegant, these dresses are ideal for a boho-chic bride, or for a bride who wants to make a statement with her dress. Pull your hair up and one of these gowns will make you feel like a real-life princess on the biggest day of your life!
  • Blue-tinted wedding dresses are incredibly delicate and pretty – and they are fully back in fashion too. With a fine embroidery or just as a subtle touch, light blue is present on bridal runways everywhere – and it looks so amazing that you won’t be able to resist it!

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Photo source: Fire At Will [Photography]