Yes, You Can Incorporate Doughnuts in Your Wedding

Wedding trends come and go – what stays are your memories and the memories of your wedding guests. That is precisely why you want to create an event that’s totally unique and really entertaining for all of the marvelous people who took their time to celebrate your love story.

If you are searching for a unique idea to add to your wedding menu, doughnuts are your best friends. Yes, you did read that right – doughnuts can be more than wedding-worthy, especially when “upgraded” with a few tips and tricks.

How to incorporate doughnuts into your Big Day? Here are some wonderful ideas for you:

  • Create a rustic, wooden display. Want to make doughnuts be an integral part of your rustic-chic wedding décor? Create a wooden display for them – we bet guests will want to spend time near it (and, yes, indulge in the sweetness and deliciousness of these sweet treats).
  • Bring in a doughnut cake. Not ready to give up on the classic wedding cake, but love the idea of serving doughnuts too? Why choose between the two, then? Display a smaller wedding cake as the top tier, and fill the other “levels” with delicious-looking doughnuts covered in your wedding colors.
  • Cupcakes and doughnuts – a match made in heaven. Big fan of cupcakes? Big fan of doughnuts too? Again, you don’t necessarily have to choose between these two options. Have your pastry chef create tasty and pretty-looking cupcakes and top them with…mini-doughnuts. Guests will love this adorable idea!

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Photo source: Ryan A. Monson


Nontraditional Cake Table Ideas You Will Want for Your Wedding

Your wedding has to be splendid from all points of view – and this includes every detail, from the centerpieces to the colors you use for the wedding décor, and from the delicious meal you serve, to the amazing signature cocktail you include in the Big Day.

Of course, your wedding cake makes no exception from the rule – but how do you decorate your cake table in a beautiful, nontraditional way? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • Make it more than just about the cake. Although this is an idea that has become more popular in the past few years, it can truly bring joy and deliciousness to your guests – especially the ones with a serious sweet tooth. Create a table arrangement with your cake and several other types of sweets (pies, candy, chocolates, etc.). People will definitely love it!
  • Switch the cake. Not a big fan of cake? There’s nobody to say you actually HAVE to have one at your wedding. Replace it with your favorite dessert (be it cupcakes, doughnuts or anything else) and guests will love indulging in a wider variety of sweet treats!
  • A table full of fresh flowers. There’s something about fresh flowers that will always be considered gorgeously elegant and truly romantic. So, why not bring fresh flowers into your wedding cake table décor? Fill the entire table with fresh blooms and place the cake in the middle – it will look spectacular!

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