Include Your Mom in the Big Day

Your mother is the most amazing woman on Earth – and she would be terribly proud to be included in her daughter’s wedding day! How do you do this? How do you make your mom feel really involved in the Big Day? We have some ideas for you – read on to inspire yourself and make your mom happier than ever.

  • Include her in the wedding gown shopping entourage. She’s seen her little girl grow up and change her style one-too-many times – so she definitely knows what looks great on you and what doesn’t. Although your idea of fashion may not be fully compatible with hers, including your mom in the wedding dress shopping entourage will make her really happy – and it might actually help you come up with a couple of great ideas too.
  • Take some time off and relax with your mom at a fancy spa (after having shopped for her own dress, of course!). She will feel pampered, important, and cared for – and let’s face it, no other lady in the world to deserves more of your attention than your mother!
  • Wear a small piece of her wedding dress. If you don’t want to wear her wedding gown, you can ask her to cut a small piece from underneath the skirt. Upcycle this sentimental piece of cloth or lace and create a necklace, a pair of earrings, or simply a pretty bow for your bouquet wrap. It will add so much emotion and uniqueness to the special moments of your wedding day!

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Photo source: QuinnDombrowski