Are Your Bridesmaids Getting Along?

Choosing the right bridesmaids is really important for you as a bride – but what happens if they don’t actually get along, like you hoped they would? Well, we have some tips for you – so read on and find out more about this.

  • Although your Maid of Honor should be your “delegate” when it comes to bridesmaids’ communications, you will see that there will be times when you will simply have to talk to your bridesmaids face to face. Listen to their pleas, see why they are so upset, and try to really feel with them (if you were ever a bridesmaid, you will surely know how to relate to your own super-ladies).
  • Don’t take sides. It may seem fair to you to side with the bridesmaid who’s closest to your heart, or whose opinion is more similar to yours. However, taking sides will only make things worse – just as it would if the mother would take sides when the siblings fight with each other. Be calm, try to resonate with everyone, and try to bring peace among your bridesmaids.
  • Don’t take this too personally. Just because some of your bridesmaids don’t get along very well, it doesn’t mean they want to harm you – not even by far. They just have their own opinions and they are ready to argue to sustain them – and this does not mean in any way that they want to ruin your experience as the bride-to-be. Remember why you chose these amazing ladies in the first place!

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Photo source: Corey Ann