Top Ideas to Replace the Traditional Bachelorette Party

Tired of bachelorette parties that are all about sexy lingerie, make strippers, and way too much alcohol? Well, there are many who are just like you in this respect – so the great news is that you absolutely don’t have to have a “traditional” bachelorette party if you don’t want to.

What are the top ideas to replace the classic bachelorette party? We have gathered them right here – so read on to inspire yourself.

  • Run to the countryside. Get the other bridesmaids and the bride and book a weekend in the countryside. If you know the bride is the kind who loves to travel, if you know she loves nature and animals, and if you know she would love to run away from the noisy city, this is the perfect way to celebrate her last days of celibacy.
  • Adrenaline-driven experiences. Is the bride the kind of girl who would be more than happy to go bungee-jumping, or experience some sort of themed boot camp? There’s absolutely no rule to say that you can’t organize this for her hen party – so don’t rule out the idea.
  • Go down to the beach. What could be more relaxing than lying down on the beach and enjoying the warm embraces of the sunlight? If the bride is in love with the seaside, take her and the other girls for an unforgettable weekend down at the beach. She will definitely appreciate this!
  • Baking party. Some women love spending time indoors and cooking/baking delicious treats – so if you know the bride falls into this category, you can organize something similar for her too. As long as she genuinely enjoys it and spends quality time with her friends, your baking party will be a huge success!

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Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash