Wedding Inspiration from Salon Montage

I had the enchanting privilege to attend the wedding of Priyanka, Hiba and Seema Dubey in the NCC (National Conference Center) earlier this month. Styling the hair for the lovely bride was my pleasure. Such a beautiful and elegant wedding! Congratulations to the happy couple and joyful families!!

Salon Montage is a licenses and insured beauty team that specializes in bridal hair styling, updos, and  makeup artistry.  All of our artists have the ability to create a wide range of different looks while focusing on your vision and inspiration. We believe that each bride should look and feel her best on the best day of her life. We are sure that you will find the quality of our skills and the affordability of our services to be the best in the industry.  We strive to deliver the best in wedding day beauty services to brides all over, and our mission is to create a stress free, relaxing environment while making you and your bridal party glamorous on your wedding day.  You can read more about each of the artists  individually on our website.  We are currently booking up through 2017 so contact us TODAY!!!! Salon Montage


Kathy & Jack – A Splendid Spring Wedding at Black Horse Inn

Here at Black Horse Inn, we love nothing more than seeing happy couples. We love seeing people tying the knot and joyfully stepping into the married life. We love being part of their love stories. And, at the end of the day, we love knowing they were genuinely satisfied with the services we offered.

Kathy & Jack were our clients too – and, as you will see below, they were more than happy with the way their wedding turned out. In fact, their wedding was so stunning that it even got featured in Borrowed and Blue. Here are some of the most beautiful details of their Big Day:

  • The entire wedding was centered on simple colors: white, nudes, green, and a dash of gray. Everything was gorgeously complemented by golden accents that added a very beautiful, elegant note to the entire décor, making it feel more than stylish.

  • The bridesmaids wore beautiful lacy gray dresses that worked just amazingly with the wedding décor and the vibe created at Kathy and Jack’s Big Day. Their necklines were different for a bit of diversity, but overall, the dresses looked really great together, in perfect harmony with Kathy’s stunning sweetheart wedding gown and with the details incorporated in the wedding décor itself.

  • As for the cake, its beauty and elegance were only outmeasured by its lovely simplicity: a small, one-tier white wedding cake with rustic/ shabby accents and greenery to decorate it, nicely “seated” on a golden plate that worked fantastically with the rest of the wedding décor. What could you want more from your wedding cake?


Thank you for having offered us with the opportunity to serve you on your Big Day, Kathy and Jack – you were truly and utterly amazing!


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Photo sources: Bethanne Arthur Photography, via Borrowed and Blue

Top 3 Discussions You Absolutely Need to Have With Your Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is one of the best ways to ensure that your Big Day will be just as you have always wanted it to be: no mistakes, no stress either. Yet, what are the most important discussions to have with your wedding planner and why are they so crucial?

We have some tips for you – read on and find out more.

  • Learn about their style. Your wedding planner will probably coordinate most of your décor elements, so you really need to make sure they are on the same page as you. Some planners are excellent at rustic weddings, while others are focused on elegant events – be sure to choose someone who suits your style from all points of view!
  • Talk to them about personalizing the wedding. If you want to infuse the Big Day with elements that are very personal and sentimental, your wedding planner should know that. This is the kind of topic that needs to be very well-described, so that your planner knows exactly how to make your dreams come true.
  • Discuss the wedding colors. Regardless of whether you have something in mind or you have no idea whatsoever, discussing the wedding colors is very important – and it’s the kind of talk you need to have at the beginning of the wedding planning process. Discuss with your wedding planner and see what they suggest in terms of specific shades and combinations – chances are their ideas will be amazing!

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Delicious Wedding Ice Cream Ideas to Inspire You

With summer here (and oh, what a warm summer it is!), we’re more than certain a lot of you want to simply cool off. Well, that’s precisely what your guests want from your summer wedding too – so why not create a wedding inspired by the coolest dessert of all time, ice cream?

Believe it or not, this is far easier to incorporate into a summer wedding than some may think – and following, we have gathered some of the best ideas to inspire you. Read on and find out more.

  • Replace the cake. Tired of the tiered cake covered in buttercream and fruit? Your guests are probably over it too – so provide them with a delicious sweet treat they won’t be able to refuse: a gorgeous, mouthwatering ice cream cake. Yes, you can have your tiers, and yes you can create a truly elegant ice cream cake too – just use your creativity and you will pull off an amazing replacement for the traditional wedding cake!
  • Plan a DIY ice cream bar. We all know DIY wedding bars are very popular these days – so why not turn yours towards the best dessert of all summer? Provide your guests with a few basic ice cream flavors and plenty of toppings and additions to play with. They will LOVE the idea!
  • Bring ice cream into the décor. Ice cream cones, cute ice cream-inspired wedding favors, ice cream-inspired messages – there’s a myriad of options when it comes to incorporating this amazing dessert into your Big Day. As mentioned before, use your imagination and you will definitely create something genuine, unique, and unforgettable!

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Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


Top Ideas to Replace the Traditional Bachelorette Party

Tired of bachelorette parties that are all about sexy lingerie, make strippers, and way too much alcohol? Well, there are many who are just like you in this respect – so the great news is that you absolutely don’t have to have a “traditional” bachelorette party if you don’t want to.

What are the top ideas to replace the classic bachelorette party? We have gathered them right here – so read on to inspire yourself.

  • Run to the countryside. Get the other bridesmaids and the bride and book a weekend in the countryside. If you know the bride is the kind who loves to travel, if you know she loves nature and animals, and if you know she would love to run away from the noisy city, this is the perfect way to celebrate her last days of celibacy.
  • Adrenaline-driven experiences. Is the bride the kind of girl who would be more than happy to go bungee-jumping, or experience some sort of themed boot camp? There’s absolutely no rule to say that you can’t organize this for her hen party – so don’t rule out the idea.
  • Go down to the beach. What could be more relaxing than lying down on the beach and enjoying the warm embraces of the sunlight? If the bride is in love with the seaside, take her and the other girls for an unforgettable weekend down at the beach. She will definitely appreciate this!
  • Baking party. Some women love spending time indoors and cooking/baking delicious treats – so if you know the bride falls into this category, you can organize something similar for her too. As long as she genuinely enjoys it and spends quality time with her friends, your baking party will be a huge success!

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Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash

Looking for Unique Ways to Entertain Guests? Here Are Some Ideas!

As the amazing hosts you are, you want your beloved friends and relatives to have a genuinely great time at your wedding. That’s natural, after all – they have come a long way and they are here to celebrate your love story, so you will want to reward them with a night they will always remember.

What are some of the most special ways to entertain wedding guests? Here are the best ideas:

  • If you and your future spouse come from different cultural backgrounds, you should definitely add this to your wedding day plan. A dance inspired by your ethnicity, a song that honors your ancestry, beautiful national costumes that are meaningful for you – these things add color and uniqueness to a wedding, so don’t be afraid to get creative.
  • Pull out the games and tricks. From Mad Libs to guest books that collect date night advice and ideas, from lawn games to oversized board games – nothing is too much when it comes to a wedding (and even more so when it comes to a casual, outdoor wedding). Plan some fun games for your guests and they will surely love it!
  • Hire a performer or a caricaturist. Fire jugglers, sword swallowers, talented artists that create caricatures on the spot – these are not the kind of things people see every day at weddings. Sprinkle yours with a bit of originality and bring in someone who will actually bring a smile on their faces!

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Don’t Do These Things 7 Days before the Wedding Day!

Preparing for the wedding day is never a mono-dimensional matter, especially since there are a lot of elements to consider. From the food to the flowers and from your shoes to your makeup, every single detail makes a difference in the way you feel about the whole wedding day. Naturally, your overall appearance is a priority for you – so what are the top 3 things you should not do one week before the Big Day?

Read on and find out more.

  • Exercise too harshly. Yes, working out is very healthy and we highly advise you to take on a work out regimen months before the Big Day. However, the last 7 days before the event are not for pushing your body over its limits. Stick to what’s comfortable – the last thing you want on your wedding day is a muscle strain while wearing high heels!
  • Dyeing your hair (or changing its length, style, etc.). If you want to change your hair color or hairstyle before the wedding, do it at least a couple of months before the big date. DO NOT try to do anything 7 days before the wedding – it might end in a complete disaster…
  • Drink alcohol of any kind. We know you might feel a glass of wine will soothe your nerves and ease off the stress. However, it will also make you feel bloated, it will add extra calories, and it will most likely prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Leave the drinks for the after-party!

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Photo source: kino-fist

WOW Your Wedding Guests with These Tips

Your wedding should make you happy – but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to surprise your guests with an event they will truly enjoy. How to wow your wedding guests? We have some tips for you – so read on and inspire yourself to create a wedding day everyone will love.

  • Organize some garden games. We bet all of your guests will love this idea, especially since the weather outside is so nice! From mini-races to oversized board games, there’s a myriad of games that are perfect for a relaxed wedding, where most of the guests are in for the fun activities, rather than the traditional ones.
  • Hire a caricaturist. Everyone knows wedding “magicians” – but have you ever considered hiring another type of entertainer, such as a caricaturist? Well, you should! Not only will everyone want their caricature made by a professional – but this can also double as party favor too.
  • Make a show. Fireworks, confetti – whatever it is, make a real show out of it. Create unforgettable memories all of these people will never forget – we bet they don’t see this at every wedding they go to!
  • Show off your talents. Can you sing? Dance? Do you have any other hobby or talent? Why not make a small moment out of this? This is bound to really wow your wedding guests, as most of them are not used to the bride and groom creating a special moment for them!

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Photo source:  DaveR1988

Cactus and Succulent Wedding Ideas to Love

You may have noticed this, but cactuses and succulents are everywhere – in fashion, home design, and, of course, weddings too. If you love the idea of incorporating a bit of “spiky beauty” into your Big Day, you will be happy to learn that there are plenty of ways to do this. Following, we have gathered some of the most popular cactus-inspired wedding ideas – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Patterned envelope liners. Even the simplest wedding invitation suites can be instantly cheered up by a cute patterned envelope liner. Choose one with cactuses to show off your favorite wedding motif – we bet guests will find it more than adorable.
  • Place setting/ wedding favor. Mini-cactuses are more than cute – so why not offer them as wedding favors? Place them nicely on the table for each wedding guest – this way, they will play a decorative role and double as wedding favors. For a dash of uniqueness, you can always personalize the cactus pot with your wedding monogram or any other message you find suitable.
  • Thought cactuses and cakes have nothing in common? Well, aside from the fact that they both start with “c”, they can both be incorporated together too! Imagine a gorgeous, white wedding cake topped by a pretty cactus – it’s something your guests will love for its uniqueness!
  • For the ceremony. Want to have a truly remarkable wedding ceremony décor? Use cactuses to create a magnificently original ceremony backdrop – it will wow guests from the very moment they step into the ceremony space!

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Photo source: nparekhcards

Yes, You Can Incorporate Doughnuts in Your Wedding

Wedding trends come and go – what stays are your memories and the memories of your wedding guests. That is precisely why you want to create an event that’s totally unique and really entertaining for all of the marvelous people who took their time to celebrate your love story.

If you are searching for a unique idea to add to your wedding menu, doughnuts are your best friends. Yes, you did read that right – doughnuts can be more than wedding-worthy, especially when “upgraded” with a few tips and tricks.

How to incorporate doughnuts into your Big Day? Here are some wonderful ideas for you:

  • Create a rustic, wooden display. Want to make doughnuts be an integral part of your rustic-chic wedding décor? Create a wooden display for them – we bet guests will want to spend time near it (and, yes, indulge in the sweetness and deliciousness of these sweet treats).
  • Bring in a doughnut cake. Not ready to give up on the classic wedding cake, but love the idea of serving doughnuts too? Why choose between the two, then? Display a smaller wedding cake as the top tier, and fill the other “levels” with delicious-looking doughnuts covered in your wedding colors.
  • Cupcakes and doughnuts – a match made in heaven. Big fan of cupcakes? Big fan of doughnuts too? Again, you don’t necessarily have to choose between these two options. Have your pastry chef create tasty and pretty-looking cupcakes and top them with…mini-doughnuts. Guests will love this adorable idea!

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Photo source: Ryan A. Monson