Looking for the Perfect Gift for Your Bridesmaids? Here Are Some Ideas!

You love your bridesmaids so much! Not only are they your partners in crime, but they are also the people who helped you plan the Big Day and supported you even when things got really stressful.

Of course, you want to show them your appreciation and offer them a really nice gift before the wedding – but what are some of the very best ideas when it comes to this?

We have some tips for you – so read on if you are looking for inspiration!

  • A gift set containing luxury skin care. Who doesn’t love to pamper their skin with a luxurious mask and moisturizer? We bet your lovely ladies will highly appreciate your gesture and that they will actually use the products you offer them. Don’t forget to personalize the packaging of these products to make the gift even more special!
  • A bottle of fancy Prosecco. We bet your ladies enjoy their glass of Prosecco every now and again, so why not pamper them with something really special in this direction? If you want to make your gift more personal, add customized labels to each bottle – we are more than certain your bridesmaids will absolutely love the gift!
  • A dainty necklace with their initial. Offering your ladies something they can wear on the Big Day and beyond that is a really nice way of thanking them for their friendship and help. Choose something universally elegant, yet personal and unique as well – dainty necklaces with your bridesmaids’ initials can be a really nice gift they will all appreciate.
  • A day at the spa. Planning the wedding has been stressful for you all – so why not surprise your super-ladies with a trip down at the spa? Pick a nice place, book some spots, and take your friends for a session of pampering and relaxation. Not only will this make them feel special, but it will also relax them before the Big Day, helping them shine with energy and beauty. Plus, this experience will create some pretty wonderful memories too!


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These Spring Wedding Ideas Are Gorgeous!

Can you feel spring floating in the air?

Here at Black Horse Inn, we can definitely sense it – and we know that a whole new full season of weddings is right around the corner.

Are you planning your own spring wedding in Virginia too?

We have some tips to help you make it amazing, so read on and find out more.

  • Get floral on the attires. If you don’t want to wear a floral patterned wedding dress, that’s OK (but it can totally be an option). How about lending this trend to your bridesmaids’ for their dresses, then? Floral gowns look fantastic, and if you want to make their attires all the more special, you can always opt for a pair of floral trousers and simple tops, or even floral jumpsuits. So stylish, so spring-worthy!
  • Infuse your cocktails. Spring is all about fragrance and flavor, so why not bring that into your wedding cocktails too? Edible flowers and herbs can make any cocktail feel more unique – which is precisely what you want from your signature drink during the Big day.
  • Get your cake drippin’. Drip cakes are all the rage this season – and we can see why. They look so inviting and delicious that it’s impossible to resist the temptation. At the same time, they can be made to look really elegant too – so, no matter what type of wedding you may want to plan, you can definitely find a drip cake to suit it.
  • Cover your bar in flowers. What better way to say “spring is here”, other than covering your entire bar in flowers and greenery? This is the kind of wedding décor that can really add to the entire ambiance and make everything feel unique and beautiful.
  • Strawberry motifs. Who doesn’t love strawberries? Late spring is when these little red beauties pop up everywhere, so you could definitely bring them into your wedding if your date falls around late April or May. And even if you don’t serve everything in your menu covered in strawberries, you can always bring in the motif on the napkins, on the décor, and on the day of stationery.


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These Brides Were Gorgeous in Their Day – Steal Inspiration from Them!

Every bride is special – but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a look at how other brides did it for their Big Day. On the contrary, stealing inspiration from other brides is a very good way to see what you like, what you don’t like, and then create your own wedding style based on that.

What are some of the most beautiful famous brides of all times, and what could you “borrow” from their looks?

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Grace Kelly. Undoubtedly a trendsetter whose style transcends the decades, Grace Kelly was an astounding bride from every point of view. The long wedding veil that swept across the room, the lacy dress, the sweetheart illusion neckline – her dress was a dream come true (just as her own life was). Proof? Decades after her, Kate Middleton wore a more modern version of the same dress, making a statement about both her style and her life story.
  • Kate Moss. It takes courage to wear the kind of transparent dress Kate Moss wore on her wedding day – but she did it so well that she inspired generations of brides to follow in her footsteps. The delicate design, the tasteful embellishments, the otherwise simple and sophisticated cut, and design – everything about her dress was stunning in a very unique way.
  • Sophia Vergara. Not sure if you want to wear a big ballgown dress or want to keep it simpler with a sexy body hugging gown? Well, Sophia Vergara did it perfectly: she wore a gown with a detachable dress. She was the amazing princess walking down the aisle for the ceremony, and then she was an amazing goddess for the reception. Perfect combination!
  • Audrey Hepburn. When it comes to proving that less is more, Audrey did it very well in her day to day life and on her wedding day too. Her high neck gown is such a fashion statement that it survives the decades as one of the most unique wedding dresses in the world of Hollywood – and for all the good reasons. Steal inspiration from her if you want to look classy and original at the same time!


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How to Plan the Perfect First Dance

Every wedding is filled with magical micro-moments that spread out emotion, joy and genuine love – and the First Dance is always just like that.

How do you plan a First Dance that’s memorable both for you and for your guests too? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The song. This is without doubt the single most important element of the entire dance. Choosing one song to reflect your story and everything you are as a couple can be quite difficult – it will take communication, compromise, and actual willingness and dedication to find that one song that speaks to both of you on the same level.
  • Mixing them up. Don’t want a traditional first dance? How about mixing up multiple songs together? This kind of moments can be really fun, especially if you sprinkle them with a bit of humor. People are bound to love this!
  • The actual dance. This might be the part that feels the most nerve wrecking – but the essential here is that you don’t give in to the anxiety. Your first dance is going to be magically unforgettable and you will always associate it with a sweet, tender memory. Let go of the fear and just allow yourselves to dance!
  • Don’t over complicate it. The more complicated your choreography is, the more likely it is that you will not feel OK during the first dance (especially if you’re not a natural at dancing). Keep it simple: the basic dance step, a couple of twirls, and maybe an end with a dip. In the end, this moment is not about showing off – it’s about dancing your way into married life, it’s about the romantic beauty of your story, it’s about YOU.
  • Enjoy it. Sure, having so many eyes set on your when dancing might not be the most comfortable feeling in the world – but it is so important to actually enjoy it! This is a once in a lifetime kind of moment so seize every single second of it. It will make all the difference in the world!


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The Best Tips on How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Your Wedding Dress

As a bride, you want to look radiant on your Big Day – and trust us when we say that no matter what your style is and no matter what you decide to wear on this special day, you will still look radiant (because it all comes from the inside!).

However, prepping up and pulling together a flawless look will help you both look amazing and feel amazing (from inside out) – and thus, you want to put some attention to detail into your look.

How to choose the best hairdo for your wedding dress, for example?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Strapless wedding dress. Of all types of dresses, this is one of the most versatile options in terms of the hairstyles you can wear with it. You can let your hair down in soft curls, you can get a half up half down hairdo (with a pretty accessory to hold the hair up), you can create a simple bun, or you can go with an intricate updo – anything works. So, to choose the best style, take your overall style in consideration, as well as your face shape – these criteria will eventually leads you in the right direction.
  • Boat neck wedding dress. These gowns are all about covering the upper side of the body in an elegant and romantic way – so the hairstyle should fall in the same category. Since the neckline will be pretty much covered, you want to create balance by bringing your hair up – usually, the best styles here are low updos, as well as short haircuts that end above the shoulders. This kind of hairstyle will create a very sophisticated and elegant appearance for your bridal look!
  • Off-the-shoulders wedding dress. This type of wedding dress can be tricky to work with – you want to leave your shoulders out, but you also want to make sure you don’t look “too naked”. One way to do this is by choosing a side-swept hairstyle – such as a side braid, or simply side curls. This kind of style is really feminine and sweet, and it can make you feel absolutely gorgeous!

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Have You EVER Considered These Flowers for Your Wedding?

Wedding flowers are very important for the vibe of the entire event – you want to choose flowers that look pretty, but more than that, you want to choose flowers that speak about you and your relationship with each other.

If you and your loved one want your wedding to truly stand out, one way to do that is by picking blooms that are really special.

How to do that? We have gathered some options for you – so read on and find out more.

  • This plant is absolutely perfect for a spring or summer wedding – and even more so if you have chosen Living Coral as your main color for the Big Day. The little white flowers, the unique greenery, the cute berry-like orange fruits – they all come together to create a plant that gives everyone energy and sends out a message about youthfulness and beauty. Combined with other blooms or on their own, kumquat will delight you and your guests like nothing else!
  • Passion vines. Looking for a bloom that will look really, really special? There’s something mesmerizing about passion vines, their purple vibrancy and the way they are structured – just perfect for a summer wedding surrounded by elegance and uniqueness every step of the way. Passion vines look great alone and they look great when brought together with other blooms as well – so you can rely on these beauties to truly attract all the eyes on them!
  • Alright, we admit: this is not an actual bloom, but an alternative to classic wedding flowers, Most couples use greenery as a complement to their wedding flowers – but there’s always the option of settling for greenery alone. Greenery alone can be extremely vibrant and elegant, and it can look absolutely amazing in a million and one ways. Plus, it’s a really cost-savvy option you should definitely consider for a spring or summer wedding!
  • Clematis vines. These beauties are truly elegant and sophisticated, but feminine and delicate at the same time too. They come in four main colors (burgundy, pink, white, and lavender), so they can be incorporated in virtually any kind of wedding color scheme. Beautiful!


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These Wedding Invitation Suite Tips Are Essential!

Everything about weddings seems to be surrounded by a thick layer of rules and customs – but the truth is that these days, most of them don’t have to be followed anymore, mostly because they don’t make much sense anymore.

What are some of the essential tips you should definitely keep in mind with relation to the wedding invitation suite? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Send them ahead of time. Etiquette says the wedding invitations and the ensemble of enclosures they usually come with should be sent out about six to eight weeks before the actual wedding day. Ideally, you should have sent the Save the Date cards by now, so people know about the wedding date and location at least. If you plan on having a destination wedding, make sure you send out the Save the Dates and the invitations much earlier, to give people enough time to plan the vacation days and the traveling involved in this.
  • Maps are more than welcomed. It is perfectly OK to enclose some sort of guidance on how to reach the wedding venue. It can be simple GPS coordinates, a detailed description, or simply a map. The last option can turn into something really fun because you can pin point some of the area attractions as well – especially useful for out of town guests!
  • What is not welcomed in the wedding invitation suites? Wedding registry information. This rule stands as true as ever – including registry information on the invitations or on any card enclosed with them is still considered to be quite tacky. As an alternative, you can either ask your close friends and relatives to spread the word, or you can simply include this information on your wedding website.
  • Dress code info. If you want guests to follow a specific dress code, be sure you explicitly tell them that. The best way to do it is by including a dress code card – with the actual name of the dress code and maybe some brief information on what it means as well (because trust us, not everyone defines “casual” the same and you might have guests who feel severely underdressed in jeans at your wedding if you want something a little more elegant than that)


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Top Rehearsal Dinner Tips You Should Keep in Mind


Planning the wedding can be so exhausting and stressful that it can be really easy to forget about all the other pre-wedding events – especially since most of the don’t have to be planned by the couple itself.

How about your rehearsal dinner? Do you know how to make sure you plan a really nice event to help your closest friends and family members to really connect to each other?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Send out the invitations. You don’t have to spend money on actual paper invitations for this event, given that it’s more casual than the wedding. Electronic invitations will be more than fine! Keep in mind that all of your close relatives, your entire wedding party (including child attendants and their parents), and your special readers/ speech givers should be invited. Furthermore, the officiant and their spouse, as well as out of town guests who might be there already should be invited as well.
  • It’s pretty much a mini-wedding. So, all of the elements you have already considered for the Big Day should be present to some extent in the rehearsal dinner too: a theme, great and unique foods and drinks, excellent music, and so on. Don’t forget to add some pretty décor too – regardless of how simple or casual your dinner venue may be, a touch of style will instantly upgrade it!
  • Entertain the guests. Aside from music, plan some fun games for your rehearsal dinner as well. Doing this will help your guests connect to each other and bond before the Big Day. This will help them have more fun and it will help you have the dream wedding you have always wanted too.
  • Make it special. Bring a very wedding-like element into this dinner to make it feel special. For instance, you could include a groom’s cake, or you could wear white (a casual dress or a pantsuit, for example). These small touches will “train” you for the upcoming day and make it all feel more festive than just a simple dinner.


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Swap These Elements in Your Wedding to Save Money

Since weddings aren’t exactly the least expensive type of event to plan, it makes perfect sense that many brides and grooms want to save money on the various elements of the Big Day. And, of course, everyone wants to be able to do this without sacrificing the actual beauty of the event itself.

How to do it? What are some more expensive elements you can swap with cheaper, but equally beautiful alternatives?

We have some tips for you – keep reading to find out more.

  • Wedding flower centerpieces. You’d think these aren’t expensive, but the total bill for all of your wedding florals can be quite shocking. One way to minimize the impact of your centerpieces on your budget is by opting by smaller arrangement clusters for each table (they make it easier to settle on really inexpensive flowers and vases). Another way is to skip the floral part altogether and create centerpieces that are either hanging (e.g. luminous lanterns hanging over each table) or simply meaningful (e.g. centerpieces created from your favorite books).
  • Wedding décor. Aside from florals, your wedding décor will include many other small items that create the right ambiance. While small, these can also add up to the final cost of the wedding, pushing you way out of your financial limits. One way to deal with this is by renting the décor or by buying gently used décor – they are, after all, pieces of décor used only for one day, and they can look absolutely amazing for a fraction of the price you’d pay for the same objects when buying them from a store.
  • Plated dinners. Although this might be the best alternative for a really luxurious and elegant wedding, plated dinners can be easily replaced with cost-savvier alternatives if you want your wedding to be a little more casual. Namely, buffets and family style dinners can save you a lot of money because you won’t have to pay the servers as well. If you opt for a buffet, though, do make sure there will be no waste of food (discuss this with your catering manager and they will definitely help you out).


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Looking for a Unique Wedding Theme? How about a Geode Wedding?

Every wedding deserves to be unique – just like every love story is unique in its own way. Every bride and groom deserve their Big Day to reflect not only their happiness and hopes for the future, but also their specific sense of style, their personalities, and the things they are passionate about.

Geode weddings are popular for a very good bunch of reasons. They look interesting, they bring a dash of uniqueness to the entire wedding landscape, and they can be pulled off fairly easily (especially given the world’s fascination with geodes).

What are some of the best geode wedding ideas you too could incorporate into the Big Day?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The cake. Geode inspired wedding cakes were among the first to arise from the geode wedding theme trend. They look truly spectacular, and they usually come in two shapes: either cakes that are painted with a geode pattern in their entirety, or cakes that feature a geode “breaking out” of the middle of the cake. The latter version is a bit more complex, but it can bring a real “shock” value to the table and make everything feel more original and outstanding.
  • The invitations. It is fairly easy to create invitations inspired by geodes: use your favorite geode pattern as a background and write your actual invitation wording on top of that. It is important to make sure nothing looks like “too much”, so balance out the brightness and intricacy of the geode pattern with a simple font.
  • The décor. There are so many beautiful ways to incorporate geodes into your wedding décor! For instance, you could use a couple of geode inspired bookends to create book centerpieces. This is an excellent idea for those of you who want to bring your favorite books into the Big Day.
  • The favors. Of course, you can offer actual geode pieces to your wedding guests (or imitations of, at least). However, if you want something even more special, you could opt for geode inspired chocolates. They look fantastic, they are very special, and they will fit your wedding theme like a glove! Just the kind of favor people actually want to take home!


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