These Groom’s Attire Ideas Are Fantastic for a Casual Wedding

Your groom deserves the very best – and although it may not always seem so, he definitely wants to look great on the wedding day. After all, this is just as huge a day for him as it is for you – so picking the right groom’s attire is of the utmost importance.

How to choose a casual attire for your groom? Here are some ideas he will definitely appreciate:

  • Just the white shirt. If you plan on having a very casual wedding, your groom doesn’t have to wear a jacket, or even a vest on top of his shirt. And what could be simpler, more stylish, than a well-designed white button-down? He’ll feel very comfortable wearing this – but more than that, he will definitely feel very handsome!
  • Add a pair of suspenders into the mix. A pair of well-fit trousers, a button-down shirt, a stylish tie and a pair of matching suspenders – that’s all your groom needs to look posh for a rustic-chic, outdoor, or simply casual wedding. Ideal for the less conventional couples out there!
  • Wool layers to keep him warm. Low temperatures are slowly making their way into the day-to-day affairs, so make sure your groom is warm and cozy in a wool jacket (and maybe a wool vest as well, if he wants to look a bit more formal). Jackets made from this fabric come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can rest assured you will find something that matches your color scheme!


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