10 Pretty Rose Bouquets Ideas

Truth be told, there’s no other flower more romantic or elegant than the classic rose – and the good news is that you can actually incorporate it in your bridal bouquet in a number of ways.

What are some of the prettiest rose bouquet ideas? We have gathered 10 of the top ones right below – so read on if you need a dash of inspiration.

  1. Mauve roses and a lot of greenery. Feminine and suave, this combination is ideal for an unconventional bride who still loves the classic touches of romanticism.
  2. Roses and peonies. It really cannot get more heartfelt and romantic than this! So much beauty and elegance in one bouquet!
  3. Dessert sunset shades. If you want a rose bouquet that stands out in uniqueness, ask your florist to create one from roses in the colors of a dessert sunset. Ideal for a warm summer day!
  4. Cream and taupe. Planning a mountainside wedding? The best kind of rose bouquet to carry in this majestic environment is one that brings cream and taupe together. Splendid combination!
  5. Pink and white. A real classic combination that brings out femininity and grace in a truly stunning way. Add protea and some greenery into the mix and the bouquet will look breathtaking!
  6. Pink, white and red. Garden roses are gorgeous precisely because they are wild and untamed – so combine pink and white varieties with red charm peonies and create a bridal bouquet that’s ideal for a country-chic wedding!
  7. White and cream. Want to look really elegant and timeless? There’s nothing quite like a white and cream bouquet of roses to achieve that.
  8. Peach, blush and anemones. Peach roses, blush peonies and pretty anemones look stunning and luxurious when brought together. Plus, they make for a unique bouquet everyone will absolutely love!
  9. Red and pink. Classic romanticism at its finest! A bouquet that incorporates red and pink roses will look so timeless, so romantic, and so beautiful!
  10. Dark and original. Mauve, blush, yellow, and grey roses will create a bouquet that’s filled with mystery and style – this combination will surely wow your guests!

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Photo source: flickr.com/ apdk



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