Wedding Planning 101: The Mistakes to Avoid

Planning a wedding has never been (and will never be) an easy task. Of course, you may not be able to do everything perfectly from the very beginning – and the best way to make sure you plan a great wedding is by learning from other people’s mistakes.

What are some of the most common planning and budget mistakes to avoid? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Trying to pull an all-DIY wedding. They may look pretty on Pinterest – but the harsh truth is that DIY weddings are far from cheap (and, on top of that, they are very time-consuming too). If you want to add a dash of personality and uniqueness, you can create one or two elements yourself – other than that, you will be best from all points of view if you allow specialists to help you.
  • Buying your dress online. If you are thinking of saving money by buying your wedding gown online, think again. Chances are you won’t find the right size (not even in a reputable online store) – and, even worse, there’s a fairly good chance your real-life dress will not even look like the pictures.
  • Not saving the money for a makeup artist. We all do our makeup on our own, on a daily basis. However, you will be extremely anxious on your wedding day – so it is far better to hire a professional for your makeup. It will be worth every single cent!

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Photo source: leigh49137


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