Ways to Designate Reserved Seats at Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is a completely unique moment in your life – so you will definitely want your closest friends and relatives to be there and assist this magical event. How to designate reserved seats at your ceremony? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • One of the most classic ways to reserve seats in the front row at a wedding? Cover the reserved chairs with ribbons – this way, the other guests will know that the seats are taken and that they belong to the wedding party and immediate family.
  • Fragrant sprigs of lavender. If you are planning a summer wedding, lavender will be a truly amazing choice. Use a sprig of lavender and a small, pretty-looking note on each of the reserved seats to let people know who is to be seated there.
  • Chalkboard signs. They’ve been hugely popular with a wide range of wedding themes – so why wouldn’t you use them as well? Place chalkboard signs at the beginning of the reserved rows, so that guests know the seats are taken. If you want to make this even cuter and romantic, invest in small clip-on, heart-shaped chalkboard signs and clip them to each of the reserved chair, with the names of the guests they are assigned to written on them.
  • A wooden sign. Simple, beautiful and truly perfect for an outdoor or country-chic wedding, a wooden sign with a calligraphic “Reserved” on it can look really amazing. Just give this a thought, you will love it!

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Photo source: flickr.com/rfduck


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