Beautiful Pressed Flower Wedding Details

All brides want their wedding to be fabulous – and you make no exception. Yet, what are the trends dominating the wedding industry of 2017, and how to incorporate them in your Big Day? We have some tips for you – so read on if you are searching for some wedding inspiration.


  • Bold colors. Wooden tones may have been great for a while there – but the truth is that they’re slowly starting to fade out and make room for dashing options. Settle on a bold color scheme for your 2017 and you will be aligned with the trends out there.
  • Moving images. Thinking to add a photo or two at your wedding? Why not alternate film projections and beautiful lighting? This is a much more modern way of entertaining your guests when they’re not on the dance floor – plus, nothing beats the realness and uniqueness of a recording that’s all about you and your love story.
  • Lots and lots of greenery. Sure, blooms are not completely forgotten – but if you want to make a statement in 2017, you will have to plan some greenery arrangements. They are so fresh and beautiful that it’s guaranteed your guests will love it! This is a much warmer and human-centric way of celebrating your Big Day, as opposed to minimalist designs.
  • Elegant venues. Want to plan a wedding nobody will ever forget? Think of a classy, elegant venue for this special event. Remember though, elegant does not have to automatically mean “ballroom” – it can be something smaller, more intimate and equally classy!

Searching for a venue located in Virginia? Come visit Black Horse Inn and allow us to be your venue for the Big Day. You will love every single inch of the marvelous space we offer here.


Photo source: amusedparrot



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