Fun Ways to Incorporate Wreaths Into Your Wedding

Maybe surprisingly for many of you, wreaths can really create a wonderful atmosphere during the Big Day. Not only can they be used for a Christmas-themed wedding, but they can beautify and refresh any other wedding theme as well.

How to incorporate wreaths into your wedding? We have some wonderfully creative ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


  • During the wedding ceremony, as a backdrop. Want to create a unique, personal and truly beautiful backdrop for your ceremony altar? An oversized wreath can go a really long way in adding a dab of color, freshness and simple elegance to your entire ceremony.
  • During the wedding reception, as table décor. You can even use wreaths as table décor! For example, you can use a wreath on each table, as centerpiece. This is a very easy, but special way of adding a bit of naturalness to a rustic wedding, shabby chic or simply off-the-beat wedding. Furthermore, you can even use wreaths for the plate placement décor (e.g. mini-wreaths placed on top of the napkin will make everything look cuter, more personal, and more well-tied together as well).
  • As the entire wedding theme. Why not use wreaths as your entire wedding theme? From your flower girl’s and bridesmaids’ hair accessories to the pre- and day-of stationery, everything can be gorgeously embellished with wreaths – be them simple and green, or intricately floral and sweet. Picking this wedding theme will be highly appreciated by everyone at your wedding!

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Photo source: Bellafaye Garden


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