The Cool Themed Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be classy, elegant and absolutely unforgettable – and if you have your heart set on a chilly weather event, you will definitely love the following ideas. Read on and inspire yourself!


  • Choose a very toned down palette. Don’t go over the top with the brightness of the colors, but don’t settle for anything dull either. Find the perfect balance between the two. Also, make sure your designs and your motifs are modern and fresh – they will look splendid on a toned down color scheme!
  • Place trays of cookies. Make it feel cozy and welcoming by serving guests with trays filled with pretty cookies. We all love to indulge in sweet treats, and when they look cute, they are really irresistible!
  • Use luxurious textures. Silk, fur, and other luxurious textures and fabrics tend to be associated with the chilly season –precisely because they can offer a truly cozy feeling.
  • Layer multiple textures and colors. Just because the season outside is colder, it doesn’t mean you are confined to boring green-and-red or all-white palettes. Pick a couple of colors and play with them! Layer multiple textures and different shades of those colors to create a genuinely stylish effect.
  • Self-serving cocktail bars. Planning to serve a signature cocktail? Make your guests feel at home by serving them your signature cocktail from a self-serving bar. This is absolutely perfect for just about any type of wedding, but it tends to work best with a more casual atmosphere!

Still searching for the right wedding venue? You haven’t seen Black Horse Inn yet, then! Our splendid historical wedding venue is absolutely perfect for you if you want to have an elegant, timeless and nature-inspired wedding in Virginia. Contact us, come visit us and book us for your Big Day!


Photo source: Corey Ann


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