Wedding Beauty Trends of 2017

The New Year is almost here – and if you plan on getting married in 2017, you will definitely love looking at the freshest bridal beauty trends. What are they? What are the beauty tendencies that will dominate the 2017 wedding stage? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • The classic red lip. Planning to look like a gorgeous vintage diva? The classic red lip makeup is just perfect for that! This year, red lipsticks receive an orange tint and the eyeliner is thinner than ever before, so be sure you get these two basic elements. Moreover, remember that highlighting your skin will help you achieve that “natural glow” effect that looks so great with the classic red lips!
  • The boho-chic. If you are the kind of girl who loves nature and boho-chic fashion, we’ve got some great news for you – the boho-chic bridal style is not going out of fashion. This time, flower crowns are receiving an upgrade with small pearls and gemstones inspired by the “mermaid crowns” that were popular in 2016. And if you want to be truly glamorous, you can always adorn your hair with a flower crown made exclusively out of precious metals and gemstones.
  • The pink eyelids. Pink eye shadow is a seemingly recurrent on multiple fashion shows – so, if you are searching for a suave, girly “touch”, this will be perfect for you. Keep the rest of the makeup as natural as possible and remember to take your eye drops with you – it is really important to make sure there’s no redness in your eyes!

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Photo source: MakeupByDenise


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