How to Make Sure You Make Time for Every Guest at Your Wedding

Your wedding is going to be a pretty hectic day – in between the tears, the emotion, the nervousness and the small incidents, you will also want to make sure you make a little bit of time for every single guest at your wedding.

How to make sure that happens? How to make time for all of your wedding guests? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Forget about the receiving line. Not only is it dated and too stiff for a modern wedding, but it can also be a really awful mood-killer for many of your guests. As they stand in line, waiting to be greeted, your guests can very easily lose their appetite for partying – and that’s the last thing you want before your wedding reception.
  • Instead, make some time to stop at each table or cluster of tables to say hello and thank everyone for their presence there. Take short pauses in between the groups of tables to eat, dance and enjoy the first wedding reception highlights – then, go back to the next table in “line”.
  • Last, but not least, accommodate yourself with the idea that you might not be able to eat an entire meal. Either ask your caterer to prepare an early dinner for your cocktail hour, or ask them to pack it up for you so that you can enjoy it when you are finally relaxed, at the end of the day. Another option is that of skipping the first course and jumping right to the second one.

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Photo source: balleyne


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