The Secrets to Beautiful Wedding Lighting

Your wedding should be gorgeous from all points of view. The flowers, the table linens, the music in the background- they have to perfectly and smoothly blend into one another to create the perfect atmosphere for the most important day of your entire life. Of course, your wedding lighting plays a huge role in creating the right ambiance – but how to choose it? What are the secrets to beautiful wedding lighting?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • A very large venue. While large venues are great for accommodating more guests in a comfortable way, they can also feel empty and cold if they are not properly decorated. The best way to create a sense of intimacy here is by layering different types of lighting (and maybe even playing in some bolder colors too). DO make sure not to point the lights towards the guests’ faces – more than often, this type of lighting is highly unflattering for just about anyone and you definitely don’t want that for your guests.
  • An industrial space. These types of venues have their own charm, but they also have very specific requirements. The best way to light up an industrial space is by using amber-colored lighting (either through amber-colored LEDs or through candles). This will make everything softer and more welcoming for the guests.
  • A historical building. Planning your wedding at a historical venue (or a venue that has very beautiful intricate architecture)? Make sure it will be superbly lit up during the evening as well! Hire someone to add architectural lighting to the venue and it will look absolutely breath-taking!

Still searching for a truly beautiful wedding venue? Come and see what Black Horse Inn can offer! Come and see what our venue is all about and book us for a magical wedding day!


Photo source: xubangwen


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