7 Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Bar

As 2016 is slowly fading out, making room for an exciting new year, we’re all looking forward to the new wave of wedding trends about to take over the bridal scene. As always, wedding bars make no exception from the rule – and considering signature drinks are quite “out”, we are all expecting to see more and more creative ideas centered around the drinks served at a wedding.

What are some of the best and most creative ideas for your wedding bar? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find your inspiration.


  1. Beer tap. Planning a wedding with rustic influences? Why not plan a rustic beer tap and serve delicious craft beers? To make this more personal, you could serve craft beers from the areas you come from or from places that are meaningful for your relationship!
  2. Punch bowl. Want to create a perfectly comfy feeling at your wedding? Invite guests to help themselves from punch bowls! Nothing says “family party” more than a delicious bowl filled with homemade punch!
  3. Vintage bathtub. If you are planning a vintage-inspired wedding, this idea is absolutely perfect! Just take a vintage bathtub, fill it with ice and drinks and allow your guests to refresh themselves. Such a simple, but chic idea!
  4. Apple cider jugs. With fall here, apple cider is back in full force – and weddings are definitely taken aback by its deliciousness too. Serve your apple ciders from large jugs to add a natural, rustic touch to the entire wedding!
  5. A Roaring Twenties-inspired bar. Planning a glamorously vintage wedding? Why not rent a bar inspired by the Great Gatsby Era? It will definitely attract everyone’s attention with its luxuriousness and style!
  6. Camper bar. Perfect for a 60s or boho-chic wedding, a camper bar will add a fun touch to the Big Day, making it more special in the eyes of your guests. Be sure to stock up your camper bar with all sorts of fun alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks!
  7. Cupboard bar. For a house party-like feeling, take an old cupboard and fill it with delicious drinks. Large punch jars, craft beers, tasty wines – they can all fit into a nice-looking cupboard, regardless of whether you are planning an outdoor wedding or an indoor one.

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Photo source: flickr.com/ Farther Along


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