Groomsmen’s Simple To-Do List

Being a groomsman is a true honor – but it always comes with a fair share of responsibilities as well. What are the things you will be expected to do as a groomsman on your wedding day? We have gathered some of them right below – so read on and find out more.

• Turn off the phone. It is bad enough to have a ceremony interrupted by a guests’ ringtone – but it is absolutely awful to have this happening to a groomsman sitting in front of the altar. Before the wedding starts, be sure you turn off your phone and keep it this way until the ceremony is over!
• Leave the chewing gum in the trash bin. This is a hugely special moment – both for your friend and for his wife-to-be as well. Respect the sanctity and magic of this beautiful memory they are building and leave the chewing gum far, far away from the ceremony.
• Double-check on your boutonnieres. You want to look really great as you support your great friend and the amazing step he’s making in life. Therefore, it is expected of you to double-check and make sure your boutonnieres look flawless – as well as everything else about your attire too.
• Throw an eye on your comrades’ attires too. Do they look polished? Is everyone buttoned-down? Although it is generally the Best Man’s duty to ensure everyone is in order, he might get super-busy on the day of the wedding, so why not help him and your fellow groomsmen by taking one last look at each other before you take your place at the altar?
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Photo source: blavoulondon


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