Single-Bloom Bridesmaid Bouquet Trends Your Love

As the bride, you will want your attendants to look just as gorgeous as you do. Of course, choosing nice dresses for them is very important – but don’t forget about the feminine touches that will make your bridesmaids shine too!

For example, are you aware of the latest single-bloom bridesmaid bouquet trends? If not, here are some wonderful ideas to inspire you in creating gorgeous single-bloom bouquets for your special ladies:


• Garden roses. Your bridesmaids will look amazing holding sprigs of Juliet garden roses! These bflowers are extremely feminine, they are classy and they are unique at the same time too. Perfect for a garden or nature-inspired wedding!
• Magnolias. Delicate, elegant and truly stylish, magnolias are flowers with amazing power- and they will look fantastic in your bridesmaids’ hands. Pair one magnolia bloom with a sprig of leaves and your bridesmaids will absolutely love the idea!
• Dahlias. Want to make a statement with your bridesmaids’ bouquets? Opt for dahlia blooms – one for each bridesmaid. Imagine how stunning and impressive your bridesmaids will look holding white dahlia blooms as they support you for one of the most amazing days of your life!
• Peonies. As an all-time wedding favorite, peonies are extremely delicate and more than elegant too. If your bridesmaids are wearing light pink dresses, pair their looks with superb bright-pink peony blooms. The contrast will add a pop of color to the entire mix and it will also make your special ladies feel more stylish too!

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Photo credit: Kristen Gardner Photography


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