How to Have a Traditional Catholic Wedding Ceremony?

While some brides and grooms prefer to “run away” from tradition, there are also many of them who like going back to their roots and celebrate their big day in a way that connects them with their ancestry, with their family history and with their beliefs.

For example, if you come from a Catholic family, you may want to have a Catholic wedding ceremony. But how does a traditional one look like? Here are some tips for you to keep in mind:


  • It needs to take place in a Catholic church. Unlike with other Christian denominations, a Catholic wedding needs to take place in an actual Catholic house of worship – otherwise, it will not be considered official. There are instances when a bishop may give you permission to have your wedding someplace else (such as an outdoor space) – but these cases are quite rare.
  • With or without Nuptial Mass. Many Catholic couples choose to include their wedding in a Nuptial Mass – but some choose to keep it shorter and stick to the basics (vows and exchange of rings). If you do settle on the first version, remember that it will be longer, as it will include the gospel, the homily, the consecration, the communion and the readings (followed by psalms).
  • The communion is an important part of the Mass and it will take place once the vows have been spelled out. If you have non-Catholic wedding party members, discuss with your priest and see if they have to line up for the communion too (and simply refrain from taking it), or if it is better for them to stay at their seats until this part of the ceremony is done.

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