How to Keep Pokémon Go From Ruining Your Wedding

A true craze that has swept over the world, Pokémon Go is far from being history – and, in many respects, you have to appreciate the huge phenomena, even if you’re not a big fan of the little creatures.

When it comes to your wedding though, the last thing you want is people to be glued to their screens, trying to catch them all. And even more than that, you really don’t want intruders to trespass your wedding space just because they want to hunt Pokémon.

What is there to do about it? How can you keep Pokémon from ruining your wedding day? Here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • Put up signs. If you plan on getting married in a public space, make sure you put up signs and announce that there’s a wedding happening. A simple “Please be considerate of our special event” sign should ward off the majority of the Pokémon hunters. However, if any of them trespass your space, politely ask them in person to step away, explaining the importance of this event.
  • Keep it unplugged. Want to be 100% sure your guests will not spend their time wandering after Pokémons instead of having fun on the dance floor? Plan an unplugged wedding! This way, no digital distraction will come in the way of your wedding ambiance.
  • Designate “lookouts”. If you don’t want to forbid gadget use at your wedding, ask your bridesmaids or other people close to you to politely ask guests to refrain from gaming if they spend too much time doing it.

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Photo credit: Kristen Gardner Photography


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