3 Reasons You Should Send Out Save the Dates

Obviously, your wedding is truly important for you – and it is definitely important for your loved ones too. However, if you want all of your close friends and relatives to be there for you on the Big Day, you will have to be quite careful with how you plan the details of this hugely essential moment in your life.

For example, sending out Save the Dates can be really crucial in the entire wedding planning process. Why is that, more exactly? Read on and find out more.


  • You give everyone the heads-up. In other words, you make sure they don’t make any other plans on your wedding date, so that they can travel and share the joy with you. To make sure the Save the Dates reach everyone out in time, send them with at least a few months before the actual wedding date (preferably 6, but if you send them at least 4 months ahead, things should generally move smooth).
  • Furthermore, Save the Dates are a great opportunity to share information you might not want to share when you send out the actual invitations. For instance, these cards are a great place to share your wedding website (which, in its turn will be a great place to share wedding location details, maps, dress code tips, as well as registry information).
  • Last, but definitely not least, Save the Date cards are an amazing way to double your engagement photos’ purpose (as well as your trial makeup and hairstyle).If you want to make your Save the Dates interesting and unique, including photos from your engagement photo session is a wonderful idea!

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Photo credit: Kristen Gardner Photography


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