A Couple of Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Items

It is truly no secret that a wedding can end up costing a lot of money – so why wouldn’t you want to “recycle” your wedding items and re-use them again? If you are curious to learn more about this, we have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Your dress. There are many ways to re-purpose your wedding gown and breathe new life into it! For starters, you could offer it to a friend or relative to wear on her wedding day. Or you could transform it in your first child’s Christening clothes. Or, you could simply sell or donate it!
  • Your food. Chances are there will be a lot of leftovers from the wedding. If you cannot pack them away and offer them to guests as they leave home, see if you cannot donate them to a food shelter nearby. It would be such a wonderful gesture!
  • Your flowers. As gorgeous as they may be on your wedding day, your flowers won’t be as pretty a few days post-wedding – so it’s better to find a way to “recycle” them. You could, for example, offer them to guests as a wedding favor, or you could donate them to nearby hospitals and nursing homes. Furthermore, you could also talk to the couple who will have the wedding right after yours, and see if they are not willing to split the costs for the florals.

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Photo credit: Kristen Gardner Photography


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