How to Plan a Beautiful Woodland-Inspired Wedding

Choosing a beautiful wedding theme is really important if you want everything to be absolutely flawless, unique and unforgettable. And while there may be a lot of themes to choose from, have you considered a woodland-inspired wedding?

If yes, we have gathered some gorgeous tips to help you pull off your woodland Big Day – so read on and find out more.

The Black Horse Inn

  • Pick the right colors. Your wedding colors should be inspired by the beautiful woodland décor. Think of deep greens that remind you of the secular trees, think of warm browns and tints of yellow and orange (especially if your wedding is going to be closer to the fall season) – and, ultimately, think of natural hues that look gorgeous together.
  • Include moss. Greenery can add a lot to your wedding décor – but you don’t have to stick to the all-too-traditional options everyone’s so familiar with these days. Moss can be a superb choice, especially for a woodland wedding, since it will add that natural vibe and it will make your florals and décor look more original.
  • Focus on the green in the bouquets. Your bridal bouquet and your bridesmaids’ bouquets should also look natural and relaxing – so think of ways to include as much greenery as possible. Large, almost cascading bouquets of white flowers and pretty greenery, deep-red roses with wild flowers and foliage aplenty – these small touches will make your look (and the look of your bridesmaids) feel closer to Mother Nature and the beauty of the woodland area.

Planning your Big Day in Virginia? Want to be surrounded by natural beauty, elegance, history and timeless sophistication? Come visit Black Horse Inn and take a look at the splendid venue we offer! Come visit us and allow us to be part of your love story!


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