How Can We Include Family Recipes in Our Wedding?

Your wedding menu is really important when it comes to creating that special atmosphere everyone will love at your wedding. Have you considered including family recipes in your menu, though? This could be a really great idea! How so? Why is including family recipes in your wedding such a good idea – and, more importantly, how to do it? Read on and find out more.


  • First of all, including family recipes in the Big day is great because it allows you to personalize the food in a special, sentimental way. This is an emotional idea that will help you bring homage to your heritage, to the wonderful people who surrounded you as you grew up, and, ultimately, to the amazing story that has brought you to this great day in your life.
  • If you decide to push this one step further, you should definitely know that there are many means by which you can bring your family’s favorite flavors into the wedding. Your grandma’s fudge cake could be an amazing wedding favor, your aunties might want to chip in and help you create a spectacular, personal candy bar and that special barbecue sauce your dad used every Sunday might actually get on your guests’ plates!
  • Regardless of what recipes you choose to include in your wedding menu, don’t forget to add a small note and explain the significance of that special flavor. You can do this in the wedding menu itself, so that all guests learn about the touchy story behind what’s in their plates.

Black Horse Inn is truly honored every time a couple chooses us as their wedding venue – and we would be more than happy if you chose us too! Come visit us at our splendid venue in Virginia, take a look at the amazing things we can offer and book us for a genuinely unforgettable Big Day!


Photo credit: Kristen Gardner Photography


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