How to Survive the Heat at Your Warm Weather Wedding

Spring and summer are among the most popular wedding seasons – and not without reason. In fact, having a spring or summer wedding is a great idea if you want this big moment to be filled with the joy and energy of the warm days, if you want the event to be blooming with gorgeous florals and if you want it to be more easily accessible for your guests as well.

The only downfall with a hot weather wedding? Surviving the heat might be an issue if you don’t plan ahead – so it’s very important that you do provide yourself and your guests with some cooling options. How to do it? How to survive the heat during your summer wedding? Here are some ideas to consider:


  • Offer fans. They might not do the same great job as an A/C, but they can at least keep the guests cool during the ceremony. Also, offering shading options (parasols, getting married at a well-shaded location, etc.) is a very good idea too.
  • Cold beverages. Keep it low on the alcoholic beverages while the guests are outside and offer them water, juices, soda or non-alcoholic cocktails. This will keep them well-hydrated and away from the potentially harmful effects of the sunlight.
  • Get married later. Not only is an evening/night wedding really dreamy, but it can also be a lot safer for you and your guests. Imagine how gorgeous you will look, walking down the aisle on the stunning background provided by the sunset!

Black Horse Inn is a superb Virginian wedding venue. Full of history and grace, our location is here to help you and your guests have the time of your life at your wedding. Contact us, learn more about our wedding packages and we will be more than happy to be part of your romantic love story!


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