How to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

In a world crumbling down under the weight of our ignorance and carelessness, being eco-friendly has become more than an option – it has become necessity. And, as an environmentally-conscious couple, you will definitely want to make your wedding as eco-friendly as possible. How to do that, though? How to have a “green” wedding? Here are some tips you should definitely consider:

Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 022

  • Green wedding favors. Yes, your wedding favors can be inspired by your passion to protect the environment! Not only can you choose items that have been manufactured cruelty-free and from materials that are organic, but you can actually help Mother Nature rejuvenate itself by offering every guests with a flower seed to plant at home. What a beautiful and meaningful favor!
  • Keep it green with the florals. One of the least eco-friendly parts about weddings is how so many flowers get cut and used for just one day. To avoid this from happening, consider having a lot of greenery and foliage as part of the wedding décor and centerpieces. Greenery is a lot easier to “repurpose”- and plus, you can offer guests potted green plants as wedding favors too.
  • Save the trees with your stationery. Sure, you may not be able to go all-electronic with your stationery – but a very good part of it can be electronic (e.g. you can send just the invitations and a small card directing guests to the wedding website). Furthermore, you can also use recycled paper for your wedding stationery paper too – it can make such a huge difference for the environment itself!

Black Horse Inn is a gorgeous wedding venue that embraces the amazing nature surrounding us here, in Virginia. If you’re searching for a wedding venue touched by the beauties of Mother Nature for your eco-friendly wedding, you should definitely come and see what we offer!


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