What Wedding Table Style Is Best for You?

Your wedding’s details are highly important – especially if you want everything about this marvelous day to be flawless. From the flowers you choose to the colors you use for the décor, everything about your wedding will require your attention to detail and dedication.

For instance, have you decided on the wedding table style that’s best for you? If not, read on because we have gathered some useful tips to help you in this decision:

Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 025

  • Intimate and classic. If you want your wedding to be timelessly elegant, and if you want it to feel warm and welcoming without too much fuss, round tables are perfect for you. The classiness of these tables, as well as their round shape will make your wedding feel really cozy and beautiful.
  • Edgy and modern. Are you in for a wedding that’s very contemporary-looking? If so, search for tables that are square-shaped. Do not be tricked, though. These tables may look very rigid and non-creative, but if you use your imagination, you can turn them into really great elements for your wedding. For example, a square table will look stunning with bright colors on it, as well as with some rounded shapes to help create the right balance.
  • Casual and friendly. Planning a rustic-chic wedding or an outdoor garden wedding? Rectangular tables are very popular these days – and people love them precisely because they create a feeling of familiarity and closeness that’s simply perfect for casual weddings. Just make sure to draw the attention towards the center of the table (with long centerpieces and/or table runners) – everything will look much more balanced this way!

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