5 Tips for Blending Cultures at Your Wedding

Love is all around us – it takes many shapes and it can be seen through many types of lens. And yet, at the end of the day, love is the purest, most wonderful and most candid feeling on Earth.

If you plan on having a multi-cultural wedding, make sure love transpires in every single second of it – and make sure it’s unique in the way it blends the beautiful cultures you come from.

How to do that? Here are 5 tips for blending cultures at your wedding:


  • The food. One of the best ways to blend multiple cultures at your wedding is by bringing special foods belonging to your traditions. Not only will this make your wedding menu really varied, but it will surely be a great experience for the guests too!
  • The ceremony. Don’t forget to sprinkle the ceremony with some of your specific customs too! Discuss with your partner and with your ceremony about blending in different wedding ceremony traditions that are meaningful for you – it will be absolutely amazing!
  • Break it in different parts. Depending on the cultures you want to blend, you might find it a little difficult to make it happen with so many details to consider. To make it easier, you can simply break the entire wedding in different elements (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception) and make each one about a specific part of your cultures.
  • Choose the perfect venue. Before you book a venue, make sure they are open to organizing multi-cultural ceremonies. Discuss about your idea with the manager before signing on the dotted line!
  • Pay lots of attention. As mentioned above, it will not be easy to mix so many elements of your cultures. However, it can be done if you pay attention to the details and take everything into consideration.

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