4 Distinctive Ways to Identify The Tables at Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is all about you and your love story – so it’s only normal to want to personalize it every single step of the way. What are some unique ways of identifying the tables at your wedding reception, though? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you – so read on to find out more.

Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 024

  • Yes, numbering your tables in a chronological order is not what you would call “personal” in any way. However, you could the traditional chronologically numbered tables with numbers that are meaningful for you (e.g. the date you met, the date he proposed, how many years you’ve been together, and so on) – and this would be an idea everyone will love!
  • If numbers don’t appeal to you, change them with locations that are meaningful for you. The place where you first dated or the states you come from – these are locations that will always be important to you and they definitely deserve being incorporated in the Big Day.
  • Are you the kind of couple who loves reading? Then bring this into your wedding day! Pick your favorite books and name tables after them! Guests will love being seated at tables named after amazing books – and this is a wonderful opportunity to add personality to your wedding too!
  • If you and your loved one have photos you love, use them as identifiers for your wedding reception tables. This will make your décor and your entire wedding so much more unique and lovely!

Black Horse Inn is a stunning, elegant and timelessly beautiful wedding venue in Virginia. If you want your Big Day to be surrounded by history, elegance and amazing nature, come and visit us as soon as possible – you will love every inch of our venue!





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