5 Beautiful Ways to Remember a Deceased Parent at Your Wedding

We don’t like to think of this – but death is an integral part of life. And while our dear ones may not be physically there for the important moments in our lives, they will surely be there in our memory, in our thoughts and, ultimately, in our very hearts. How to remember a deceased parent at your wedding, though? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you in creating a beautiful homage to your beloved parent – so read on to find out more.

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  • A father-daughter collage. If your dad cannot be there for your father-daughter dance, create a beautiful slideshow with your favorite photos of him and play the song you would have wanted for this special dance. It will make for an incredibly emotional moment!
  • Your mother’s wedding dress. If your mom cannot be there for the Big Day, wear her wedding dress. She would feel so proud to see you walking down the aisle wearing the same dress as she did when she was in your place!
  • Your parents’ wedding photos. Your parents’ love story is amazingly inspiring and beautiful – so why not bring homage to them (and their story) by displaying their photos at your wedding? It will look really beautiful!
  • Embroidered details. If your mother or your father had a clothing item they really loved, cut a small patch off it and sew it on your wedding gown (either underneath it or in plain sight). This way, a piece of your beloved parent will be there with you as you spell out the big “I Do”.
  • Leave a seat for them at the ceremony. Your parent may not be able to be there for you at the ceremony, but you can remember them by leaving a seat empty, with their favorite flower on it.

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