Who’s Responsible for the Gifts We Receive On Our Wedding Day?

Weddings can be quite confusing – and not only because there are a lot of details to handle, but also because there are quite a lot of rules to follow as well. For example, do you know who’s responsible for the gifts you receive on your wedding day? We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

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  • If you are having your wedding reception in a hotel, you can simply ask the mother of the bride or groom to collect the gifts and send them to your suite. However, if you have received monetary gifts, remind the person in charge with this to accompany the bellman, so that the money is deposited in a place you will find very easily.
  • If your wedding takes place at a different venue, you will have to ask the mothers and/or the wedding planner to unload all of the gifts in one car, so that they can be transported to their house (and picked up the days after the wedding or when you come back from your honeymoon).
  • If the gifts are very heavy, ask the groomsmen to help your mothers load everything into the car(s), so that everyone is safe. However, remember to instruct everyone to make sure the cards are stuck to their respective gift, so that you know how to personalize your “Thank You” notes.

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