5 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Your wedding should be romantic and candid – but don’t forget that this is a joyful event, so your guests will expect to have tons of fun too. How to make sure that happens? What are some of the best fun wedding reception ideas? We have gathered 5 of them to inspire you – so read on if you want to find out more.

Becky & John

  • Mad Libs. An all-time classic for all ages, Mad Libs can be “retrofitted” to suit your wedding. Place these games at each table and encourage your guests to play them when they are not on the dance floor. They will surely have a lot of fun!
  • Oversized Jenga. Again, this is the kind of board game everyone will recognize – so all of your guests will want to play it. Bring an oversized Jenga game to your wedding reception to make things more entertaining for guests of all ages!
  • Anniversary Piñata. If you find the good, old guestbook to be a bit outdated, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to replace this traditional reception item. We suggest you bring in an “anniversary piñata” where your guests can leave their good wishes (and you can pop it at your 1-year anniversary).
  • Price Is Right wheel. A game everyone knows about, The Price Is Right can be “tweaked” to be suitable for a wedding too. Create a wheel similar to that in the famous TV show, but instead of prizes, write down actions that can be “won” (such as “the bride and groom kiss”, for example). Everyone will want spin the wheel!
  • Hangover kits. Want to offer some truly unique wedding favors? Prepare some “hangover kits” with Advils, Gatorade and breakfast coupons. Your guests will definitely love the idea!

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