5 Incredible Centerpieces for A Spring Wedding

Spring is almost here – and this means that here, at Black Horse Inn, we’re ready for a joyous season full of weddings, happiness and unforgettable moments! If you are getting married this rejuvenating season, you surely want your wedding florals to be just as unique, delicate and beautiful as your entire love story is. It is precisely for this reason that we have gathered some of the most stunning spring centerpiece ideas to inspire you – so read on, find out more and “steal” these amazing ideas for your Big Day:

Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 025

  • Bright-colored blooms. Want to make your entire wedding feel just as lively as this season? Go for bright-colored blooms to add a bit of playfulness and style to every table. The key is making sure the centerpieces and the rest of the table décor look great together, so that they don’t feel like “too much”.
  • Tone-on-tone. Mono-colored bouquets are really popular this year – and it’s understandable why. They look gentle, stylish and really elegant and they can be gorgeously fitted into just about any wedding theme.
  • Wild flowers. The “freshly picked out of the garden” look is also very trendy this season, so if you want a wedding with BoHo-Chic or Rustic accents, these centerpieces will complement it beautifully.
  • Mismatched centerpieces. To make your wedding décor really stand out, create multiple, smaller centerpieces and bring them together in mismatched clusters. For example, you could have each table decorated with three small centerpieces (each one in a different color, but with the same type of flowers).
  • Non-floral centerpieces. You don’t have to settle for actual flowers if you don’t want to. Succulents and greenery can make a stunning and stylish combination and they will work marvelously both with indoor weddings and outdoor events as well.

Searching for the perfect venue to accommodate all these incredibly beautiful ideas? Come visit Black Horse Inn and allow yourself (and your future guests) to be embraced by our timelessly romantic venue!


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