5 Hot Wedding Color Combination Ideas 2016

2016 is right around the corner – and if you plan on having your wedding next year, you are most likely interested in how you can make it absolutely fabulous. Because choosing the wedding colors is so important and because we want to help you plan a wedding that’s remarkable and unforgettable, we have gathered some of the best tips on how to combine colors next year. Read on and find out more about the top 5 hot wedding color combinations ideas in 2016!


  • Pale rose, white and gold. If you plan on having an elegant spring wedding, this color combination is truly perfect! Suave, delicate and really stylish, these colors will make your wedding really romantic and beautiful.
  • Mint green, pale pink and grayish purple. If you are looking for a refreshing color combination, this is the one for you. The mint green adds style, the pale pink makes everything more romantic and the grayish purple tones everything down to create the perfect balance.
  • Peach orange, mint green and lavender. Borderline between pastel and bright colors, this color scheme works wonderfully with spring and summer weddings, precisely because it perfectly blends into the warm atmosphere outside.
  • Coral, green and nude. Bring the positivity of coral pink with the vibrancy of a pale green shade and tone everything down with a darker nude! It will look so pretty your guests will be in awe!
  • Dark purple, lavender and green. Inspired by spring’s most beautiful color combinations, these colors work wonderfully together and they can create a stylish, romantic and yet daring atmosphere for your wedding day.

Here at Black Horse Inn, we take pride in the gorgeous venue we have prepared for you. Located in the middle of nature, with a grand history behind it and with a versatility that makes it able to accommodate a wide range of wedding ideas, our venue is ready for your Big Day! Come visit us and book us for a magical wedding in 2016!


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