4 Wedding Cake Trends for 2015

Your wedding cake may be regarded as a sweet treat or a simple dessert. However, the truth is that the wedding cake stands for much more than that: it stands for love, for commitment and for the amazing sweetness with which both of you choose to step into your married life.


Naturally, you will want your wedding cake not only to taste amazing, but to beautifully complement your wedding day as well. To help you precisely with this, we have gathered 4 of the most popular wedding cake trends foe 2015 – so read on if you need some inspiration for your own Big Day.

  • Gold, silver, bronze – pick your favorite and cover your wedding cake in it because it is bound to look absolutely fabulous. Perfect for a very elegant wedding, this kind of cake can add a uniquely luxurious touch to your wedding décor – so you will definitely love it.
  • This is a trend that has been growing quite a lot in the past couple of years – and to be honest, we really love it. If you want a natural look for your wedding cake or if you are planning a rustic-chic wedding, you will love how these non-frosted desserts look. Decorated with powdered sugar, fruit and/or fresh flowers, these cakes are like true pieces of art.
  • All-white. If you thought an all-white cake would be dull, think again. A white wedding cake with white motifs will look truly spectacular and delicate, so it will surely make your wedding be more unique as well. Ideal for a Winter Wonderland-themed wedding, these cakes are magically pleasant for the eyes.

Here at Black Horse Inn, we truly want your wedding day to be unforgettable – and this is why we have prepared a Virginia wedding venue ready to truly accommodate your wedding ideas. Come visit us and take a look around to see for yourself how timelessly elegant our venue can be!


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