Liv Tyler Confirms Engagement to David Gardner

We all love it when we see celebrities ready to tie the knot and celebrate their love in front of the world. Last week, we saw one of our favorite couples announce their engagement – and, to be honest, we couldn’t be anything but happy for gorgeous Liv Tyler and her amazing fiancé, David Gardner.

The Black Horse Inn

The Black Horse Inn

How did it all happen? What are some of the most important things we know about their engagement? Read on and find out more.

  • Liv Tyler announced her engagement with David on Instagram, with a photo and a cute caption. “Crazy about my man!!!!! sweet sweet daddy , friend , fiancé, thank you !!!!!! Grateful”, she said on her Instagram account.
  • Although the announcement has just been made, it has been reported that Liv and David have been engaged for almost one year now. They started dating last year and in February they welcomed their baby boy, Sailor Gene. As a source has already told US Weekly, the couple is really happy together and they are more than great for each other.
  • Also, even if Liv did not make the announcement until now, she did give everyone little sneak peaks on her beautiful engagement ring – an emerald-cut diamond that looks truly splendid. It appears that ever since she has gotten engaged, Liv Tyler has shared a good handful of pictures in which she showed of the stunning piece of jewelry – so the official announcement only came to confirm that Liv and Dave will soon get married too.

We’re happy for Liv Tyler and David Gardner – and we wish them all the joy in the world! Here at Black Horse Inn, we love celebrating love more than anything else in the world – and if you come to visit us, you will definitely see just how passionate we are about weddings.

Contact us, come and take a look at our venue and book us for your Big Day! We guarantee it will be amazing!


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