Bold Purple + Teal Watercolor Inspiration Wedding Colors

Choosing the perfect wedding color scheme is really important if you want your wedding to look truly beautiful. Bold purple + teal watercolor is a really popular combination these days – and not without reason. Powerful, yet extremely stylish and gentle, this color combination is perfect for fall and winter weddings- so if you are still searching for a color scheme, this could definitely be the one.

Here are some wonderful ways to incorporate bold purple and teal watercolor into your Big Day:


  • Purple boutonniere and teal tie. Your groom will want to look nice and having him wear a beautiful purple boutonniere with a teal tie (or bow-tie) will be an excellent way to make sure his attire is well incorporated into the entire wedding theme.
  • Purple bouquet and teal shoes. Your look should be in accordance with the wedding color scheme too! Talk to your florist about creating a stunning bouquet with purple and delicate white and pink flowers. Also, make your shoes your “Something Blue” by dressing them up in a stylish pair of teal-colored pumps. For an extra dash of glamor, have the sole of your shoes painted with glittery purple. It will look so gorgeous!
  • White, purple and teal tables. Have your tables covered in white table linens and teal table runners. Pair this with teal and white tableware (one white plate, one teal plate, and so on). Accessorize everything with table centerpieces that combine bold purple and white flowers. Your guests will love sitting at these beautiful tables!

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