‘Back to the Future’ Wedding Ideas

As one of the most popular movies of the moment, ‘Back to the Future’ has inspired many of us. And yet, what some of you may not have thought of is that this famous movie can also be a great source of inspiration for a wedding.

Autumn pic of BHI

How to include it in your Big Day? What are the best ‘Back to the Future” wedding ideas? We have gathered some suggestions to inspire you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Save the Date cards. Blow some ‘Back to the Future’ inspiration into your Save the Date cards to let your guests know that this is going to be the party of the century – and that you’re big fans of the movie too. From recreating scenes from the movie to including motifs everyone will recognize, there’s a huge number of possibilities – and your creativity is the only limit you have.
  • Add a bit of fun and humor to your wedding cake by centering it around the ‘Back to the Future’ theme. Choose a fun-colored topping for your cake and a cute cake topper to imitate your favorite characters from this movie. Romantic, sweet and so adorable nobody will be able to resist this cake!
  • Make a grand exit from your wedding in a car that imitates the ‘Back to the Future’ one. This will be a memorable moment your guests will love so much! Plus, it will look fun and spectacular in your wedding photo album too!

Here at Black Horse Inn, we love creative ideas – and more than anything, we love true love stories and how they reveal themselves to us. Come visit our beautiful venue, see what we can offer for your Big Day and book us for the kind of wedding your guests will always remember as one of the most beautiful ones they have ever attended!


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