5 Common Wedding Ceremony Pitfalls — and How to Avoid Them

Your wedding ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event. Magical, whimsical and completely unique, the big “I Do” needs to be perfect. And yet, there are many things that could go wrong…

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What are the most common wedding ceremony pitfalls and, more importantly, how to avoid them? Read here and find out more.

Bad weather. No matter how much you plan for the Big Day, there’s one thing you really cannot plan for: rainy days. Make sure you have a backup plan in store, just in case it rains on your wedding day and you want to have an outdoor ceremony.

Gifts. Sure, receiving gifts at your wedding is not a pitfall – not at all, actually. But not making sure your guests have a place to put the gifts in case they show up with them at the reception is a pitfall. Arrange a nice table and allow your guests to place their gifts next to the wedding programs.

  • Improper sound systems. Even a small brisk of wind can ruin your officiant’s speech and your wedding band’s performance, so you should definitely make sure they are properly equipped with wireless microphones and windproof speakers.
  • Not enough seats. You might be tempted to think you need as many seats as guests you have, but that’s not entirely true. Chances are the early arrivals will leave empty seats between them and the guests who arrive late will choose to stand, rather than disrupt everything. Plan on having at least 10-20% more seats at the wedding.
  • Not rehearsing. There’s a very good reason everyone these days chooses to have a rehearsal – and that’s because it’s actually needed. Take your rehearsal very seriously, so that both you and your wedding party know exactly what needs to be done on the wedding day.

Here at Black Horse Inn, we want your wedding to be the most pleasant experience of your entire life. And this is precisely why we have created a wedding venue that’s simply picture-perfect. Come visit us and book us for an unforgettable wedding day!


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