How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Gown for a Vintage Wedding

There’s no doubt over the fact that vintage weddings are highly popular these days. And truly, there’s no reason not to love them! Classy, unique and full of grace, these weddings tend to be a huge success with everyone – so if you are planning a vintage wedding yourself, you should be in for some great fun.


How to choose an adequate dress, though? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Be very specific. Don’t think “vintage” as a general theme, but go deeper into the options you have and settle on a particular decade. From the 1920s to the 1990s, every decade offers something unique in terms of weddings and styles, so you will have plenty of variants to choose from.
  • Your dress should not only be vintage, but it should be inspired by the specific decade you want your wedding to be “set” in. Thus, if you choose to have a classy 1920s wedding, your dress should be opulent, luxurious and it should at least feature elements typical of the fashion in that age (such as the birdcage veil, for example).
  • You can buy an original vintage wedding. However, keep in mind that there are plenty of other options too. For instance, you could buy a modern dress that has certain elements specific of the your wedding theme’s age (opulence and certain cuts for the 20s, flower-power designs for the 70s, and so on). The key lies in finding these elements and in putting them together as harmoniously as possible.

Here at Black Horse Inn, we are proud to host the most unique and unforgettable weddings in Virginia. Come visit us, take a look at our versatile, elegant wedding venue and you will definitely fall in love with our offer!


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