Halloween Wedding Ideas at The Black Horse Inn

Halloween weddings have become more popular over the course of the past few years – and there’s really no reason not to love the idea. Bringing together the “spookiness” of Halloween and the classiness and romance of a wedding cane be a truly unique way of tying the knot.  If you are considering this as well, you should definitely read on because we have gathered some of the best Halloween wedding ideas right below:

Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 005

  • Classy Victorian-Halloween. Your Halloween wedding does not have to be all about skeletons hanging from the ceiling. You could turn this into a gorgeous wedding inspired by the Victorian age and simply add “scarier” touches to it. Your guests will definitely love the idea!
  • Halloween food. There’s no trick or treat about a delicious wedding menu inspired by Halloween! From the main dishes to the dessert, there are a lot of tasty options you can choose from and which can be infused with the most beloved Halloween flavors (such as cinnamon and apple, for example).
  • Unlike in Cinderella’s story, your magic wedding pumpkins do not have to turn at midnight. Sprinkle your wedding décor with mini pumpkin place card holders, natural pumpkins and wild flowers as centrepieces and cute pumpkin lanterns with hearts carved in them – this will be very Halloween-like and it will also add a unique touch to your entire wedding.
  • Be bold about your makeup. You don’t have to transform yourself into a zombie bride for your Halloween wedding (not if you don’t want to, of course). But using bold makeup (such as a darker shade of lipstick) can make you look truly gorgeous, so it’s definitely worth considering the option!

Black Horse Inn would be absolutely perfect for a Halloween wedding infused with rustic and/or vintage details! Come visit us, take a look around and book us for an unforgettable Big Day!



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