How to Incorporate Your Comfort Foods to Your Wedding Menu

Your wedding menu is extremely important. However, that doesn’t mean you simply HAVE TO serve fancy foods. In fact, most guests will be more than happy with delicious comfort foods served at their wedding – and considering the fact that this is a huge trend at the moment, why wouldn’t you go for it too?


We have gathered some great ideas to help you incorporate your favorite comfort foods into your wedding menu – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • Mac’n’cheese DIY bar. Provide your guests with more than just food: provide them with entertainment too. Arrange a Mac’n’Cheese bar for them and allow them to choose their favorite toppings for the snack – they will be more than delighted!
  • Fancy burgers. If you want to strike the perfect balance between comfort food and fancy food, introduce burgers into your menu. Make them unique and add gourmet ingredients to them to make them truly special and your guests will absolutely love the idea.
  • Mini-snacks. You don’t have to serve comfort foods only. You can use them as late-night snacks (to keep the guests awake) or you can use them as snacks for your cocktail hour too. Mini-sandwiches, mini-tomato soup shots – all these things can be served as hors d’oeuvres before or after the main meal.
  • Comfort flavors. Sometimes, the comforting part is not about the actual food, as it is about the flavor surrounding it. For instance, if your future spouse is madly in love with chicken wings, but you don’t want to serve them at your wedding, you could talk to your caterer about creating something that has a flavor very similar to chicken wings.

Black Horse Inn is a wonderful wedding venue ready to accommodate a wide range of ideas. Give us a call, come visit us and book us for the Big Day – you will not regret it in any way!

Photo Credit: Flickr / She Paused 4 Thought


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