Why You Should Not Second-Guess Your Wedding Decisions

Wedding planning can feel like a rollercoaster – especially when you want everything to be flawless. What happens when you feel like second-guessing almost every single wedding planning-related decision you take? Even more, why is it that you shouldn’t do this? Here are some tips to make wedding planning easier on you:


  • Second-guessing your wedding decisions is not good for you – and it’s not good for your wedding either. Remember, you took these decisions for a reason, so it’s more than likely that you’re second-guessing them now just because you are stressed-out.
  • Obsessing too much over every single detail of your wedding is not healthy from any point of view. Eventually, this is precisely what leads to second-guessing and changing your mind – and it can lead to even more chaos and anxiety too. Therefore, you should avoid doing stressing over the details and you should focus more on looking at the big picture. Nobody’s going to notice the color of your napkins and nobody’s going to dislike your wedding if your centerpiece candles are not champagne-colored, but ivory white.
  • Last, but not least, hiring a wedding planner will help a lot. It will help you trust your instinct, it will help you keep stress under control and, in the end, it will help you trust both yourself and your wedding vendors more. Working with a wedding planner may cost you a bit more (and some of you may even feel that it will stretch your budget too much), but the truth is that you will actually save time and money by doing it.

At the Black Horse Inn, we provide wedding planning as part of our package, but if you feel you need further services, you may want to hire a wedding planner. Contact us, come visit us and book us for the most beautiful day in your life!


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