5 Thing NOT to do When Having an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are absolutely amazing – but they need to be planned out the right way if you want to make sure everything is perfect both for you and for your guests. Following, we have gathered some of the most important outdoor wedding don’ts – so read on if you want your Big Day to be flawless from all points of view.


  • Don’t limit yourself to one type of location. When searching for the perfect venue, make sure you don’t limit yourself to one type of location only. There are so many outdoor venues to choose from! From vineyards to backyards and from large, opulent gardens to small family-owned outdoor venues, there’s a myriad of options to choose from and it would be a real pity not to take them into consideration.
  • Don’t allow your guests to be uncomfortable in any way. Provide them with insect repellents, water, shade and even sunglasses if you think it will be sunny outside. Even more, if you want a very casual affair, you can also provide them with comfy flip-flops – especially if you plan on having an outdoor beach wedding.
  • Don’t forget that timing is of the essence – both when it comes to the atmosphere you want to create at your wedding and when it comes to the photos. Time the Big Day right and the sunlight will be on your side!
  • Don’t be exaggeratedly formal. Outdoor weddings tend to be rather casual and informal and even if you do want an elegant wedding, you should still consider the fact that it will not be the same as a formal, indoor ballroom wedding would be.
  • Don’t allow your party to be crashed. Unless you are having your wedding in a more confined outdoor venue, it is likely that curious passersby will want to sneak in and party along – even if they don’t actually know you. Ask your bridesmaids, your groomsmen and your catering service providers to be on the lookout for anyone who appears to be a stranger so that you can politely invite them out if you don’t know them.

If you are searching for a magnificent wedding venue and if you want your Big Day to be flawless, come visit Black Horse Inn. Embraced by the marvelous nature of Savannah and by the amazing history behind our location, our venue is here to host your unforgettable wedding day! Come visit us and book us for a truly unique wedding!


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