4 Ways to Handle a Difficult Bridesmaid

Every bride wants to be the Queen of her Big Day – but this also means having the right attendants by your side too. Keep this in mind though: no matter how great a friend your bridesmaids may be, there may still be times when you will have to deal with a more difficult attitude. What to do then? How to make sure you keep your friendship and that you gracefully handle a difficult bridesmaid? We have gathered 4 of the most useful tips – so make sure to read on if you want to find out more.


  • Be open and talk to them. Communication is key in every single relationship – including the one between you and your bridesmaids. If you feel that one of your special ladies has stepped over the line, simply talk to them and try to see if there’s an actual reason they did that (and if you could do something about it).
  • Spend time with the other bridesmaids. If you have a bridesmaid that always seems to be negative, simply stop spending as much time with her. Sure, this may be your Big Day, but your bridesmaids’ lives are moving on as well and she may be going through a rough time.
  • Be considerate of your bridesmaids from the very beginning. Remember, these ladies are spending their time and their money to be there for you on your Big Day. Thus, you should show them some consideration too. Choose dresses that are not very expensive and be delicate with those bridesmaids who may simply not afford all paying for all of the bridesmaids costs. Also, make sure to choose dresses that suit multiple body types (or to allow the ladies to pick their own designs).
  • Think before you fight. Most likely, you have chosen a particular person to be your bridesmaid because she means a lot to you. Before you get into a fight with her or before you tell her to step down from her role, make sure to take this into consideration. Decide if it wouldn’t be better for both of you to leave this discussion until after the wedding.

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